We couldn’t think of a better way to kick off the New Year than taking part in veganuary! We’re already heavily plant-based eaters but nonetheless, we want to challenge ourselves and you to take part in veganuary because it brings with it a whole host of benefits that should be celebrated. If you need a little convincing, then tune in to this 4-part series where, for the next 4 Mondays, we’re going to be sharing lots of content around veganuary to help you stick to the challenge. First up, 5 great reasons why you should take part in veganuary!


You’re benefiting the environment
2018 definitely hit home about just how damaging the meat and animal bi-product industries are for the planet. Producers, manufacturers and businesses have dealt with the increasing demand for animal products over the last decade by increasing their land, thus invading and ultimately destroying natural habitats and the wildlife that resides there. Not to mention the greenhouse gases that this all produces. A study estimated that around 80% of farmland is taken up by livestock but it only produces around 18% of food calories. It’s been claimed by scientists that drastically reducing your meat and dairy consumption is the single biggest thing you (we) can do for the environment. We’re on board.


Your monthly food expenditure will reduce
There’s no denying the hefty price tag on meat. Sure, refined and highly processed meat might not cost the earth but the impact it will have on your health is the bigger issue. By taking part in veganuary, you’ll noticed just how cheap vegetables and plant-based foods are and you’ll begin to see how that impacts your finances. Wouldn’t it be great to have a few extra bob at the end of the month?


You’ll discover just how delicious vegetables can be
Yes, that’s right. Vegetables will take centre stage and you’ll realise just how delicious they can be! There are so many vegan recipes on the internet, Instagram, blogs and in recipe books now that it will really enable and inspire you to get creative in the kitchen. Fruits, vegetables and grains are versatile ingredients and you’ll surprise yourself with the sorts of dishes you create without the use of meat or dairy.


You’ll be healthier for it
We’re not going to delve too deep into the whole “is going vegan better for your health” but what we will say is your health will benefit from a plant-based diet. Why? Well, you’ll (hopefully) naturally be eating more vegetables, fruit and fibrous grains to replace the meat, dairy and eggs you won’t be eating. By doing this, your nutrient intake will most definitely go up. What might also improve is your digestive system. All the fibre and natural foods are much easier for our bodies to digest and with a healthy digestive system comes boosted immunity.


You’ll get your 5-a-day without even thinking
On the same vein as above, you’ll have to replace the meat you normally consume with vegetables, fruit and, of course, grains. Think butternut squash dals, vegetable curries, beetroot brownies and rainbow smoothies! You won’t even have to think about getting your 5-a-day, it’ll take care of itself!

words by Molly Jennings

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