With the increased desire to use alternative healing as a way of helping ourselves, the ever-growing need to diffuse negative energies which we contract in our day-to-day lives and the interest surrounding crystals at the moment; the question as to whether they really are the answer to natural healing, arises.

So what exactly are crystals? Crystals are naturally occurring minerals which are formed under pressure over millions of years. They hold energetic powers which will raise your vibration and have the ability to transmit, store and transform energy.

And how do they heal? Crystals have an energy field that interacts with any other energy field around them. As Albert Einstein famously said, “Everything in life is vibration.” and similarly to sound waves, your thoughts match the vibrations of everything that you manifest. So, it’s with this in mind that if you believe that crystals have a power, the positivity of the stones will amplify those thoughts.

You might ask yourself the question, “Is this backed up by scientific evidence?”, and although there’s a lot of discussion on this, Dr. Marcel Vogel did some interesting research with a group of doctors in San Fransisco. He gave them dipyramidal quartz which was successfully used to treat various ailments through the intervention of focused thought and breath.

There are also various compounds within crystals which are used in medicinal practices… For example, the copper found in Malachite can alleviate the discomfort of arthritic pain.

Let’s use the power of crystals this season to help avoid the lurgy, cure ailments and get through the season change this Winter.

Jade is great for revitalising the system. It penetrates the immune system to induce regeneration of cells. You can also hang a jade in your kitchen to ensure that your food strengthens your immune system. The Chinese believe that holding Jade will transfer its virtues into the body.

Green Fluorite is a powerful healing tool which is amazing for assisting with infection. It is fantastic for fighting viruses and regenerating the skin and mucous membranes (particularly in the respiratory tract). If you have any ulcers or wounds, it’s great for healing those too. It’s fantastic for colds, flu and sinusitis — and is also said to help blemishes and wrinkles! If you ever see earrings with Green Fluorite in them; buy them! It’s great to wear this crystal in your ears.

Green Calcite totally fortifies the immune system. It does this by absorbing negativity and ridding the body of bacterial infections. It’ll cool fevers and burns, calm the adrenals and soothe anger-generated disease. With this in mind, be sure to cleanse thoroughly after use.

Lapis Lazuli is well-known for helping to soothe migraines — but you’ll also need to know where your headache stems from. If it’s from stress then you’ll need to put Amethyst, Amber or Turquoise on your third eye area. If it’s food related then Citrine to calm the stomach (and put on the stomach area) will help.

Moss Agate is strongly connected with nature and is said to refresh the soul and enable you to see the beauty in all you behold. While this is lovely, in regards to your health… It is anti-inflammatory and cleanses the circulatory and elimination systems which boost the immune system. If you do get ill, use Moss Agate to treat infections, colds, flu and fungal/skin infections. Carry this crystal in your pocket, or place on the specific part of your body you’re wanting to heal.

Turquoise is one of my favourite crystals, and not just because of its radiant colour — but because it’s such an efficient healer and a wonderful protective stone. Turquoise will enhance the physical and psychic immune systems and alleviates pollution and viral infections. Place turquoise on your throat if you’re experiencing throat problems!

Not only will Zincite re-energise depleted energy systems and restore general balance back into your life, but it’ll improve the skin and hair, benefit menopausal symptoms and boost the immune system & energy meridians of the body.

If you suffer from auto-immune diseases, candida or bronchitis — it is also fantastic at supporting the recovery.

How to cleanse/charge:

It’s really important that you cleanse a crystal when newly purchased. This ensures that the crystal is ready to be used by you and is rid of any negative energies it might have accumulated on its way to you. There are a handful of ways you can do this…

Earth: by placing your crystals in a glass and on/in some soil for 24 hours with the intention of cleansing.

Palo Santo / sage: the smoke from either of these energy cleansers will automatically cleanse your crystals.

Water: water is fine for cleansing your crystals but you must be careful and do your research before because water is corrosive to certain crystals!

Sunlight/moonlight: bathe your crystals for at least 4 hours in the sun or moonlight to charge and cleanse.

words by Tori Boughey, holistic health coach + founder of TBalance – www.tbalance.co.uk @tbalance_