I think it’s now universally know that eating healthily doesn’t have to be dull and boring, especially when it comes to Pancake Day! Even for the most health conscious person, in recent years Pancake Day has got a whole lot easier to say yes to. There are so many healthy and delicious alternatives to delve into that you can now stack as many pancakes onto your plate and feel guilt free. Why not try swapping chocolate for cacao nibs, coconut sugar instead of white sugar, and even greek yogurt and almond butter make a great alternative to ice-cream and Nutella. Trust us, these healthy options will leave you feeling satisfied and without that dreaded next day slump. Thanks to the likes of Deliciously Ella and Natasha Corrett, to name but a few, Pancake Day no longer means that you have to kiss goodbye to your healthy habits. You name it there’s a healthy alternative to it; gluten free pancakes, and sugar free pancakes are now more popular than ever; and we’re definitely happy to ride on that band wagon! So to get you in the mood to celebrate one of the best day’s of the year, here’s a run down of Hip + Healthy’s top 5 healthy and delicious pancake recipes to really get your teeth stuck into.


Mind Body Bowls Date and Apple Buckwheat Pancakes

Annie Clarke is known for her delicious healthy recipes and incredible yoga classes, so its no surprise that this recipe has left us drooling over our computer screens. The recipe is free from traditional pancake ingredients but packed full of flavour. The use of dates and apple puree are a great way of including a natural tasting sweetness and really bind the mixture together to achieve that desired fluffy pancake. Annie recommends serving her pancakes with vanilla maple syrup, cashew butter and frozen raspberries. Sounds good doesn’t it? It’s certainly one way to load up your toppings for a real Pancake Day treat.

Recipe here!


Honestly Healthys Turmeric and Lemon Pancakes

Natasha Corrett’s recipes never fail to tickle our taste buds and this one certainly ticks all the boxes. It’s gluten free, and the use of turmeric means that you really are getting that added bit of anti-inflammatory nutrition. Turmeric is great for boosting your immune system and a simple way of getting an extra burst of energy. The recipe recommends including fresh lemon and coconut sugar, which are healthy alternatives to white sugar and bottled lemon, and they taste so much better too. What we love about this recipe is that it doesn’t have to be a breakfast; it can be eaten at lunch, pudding or as a snack to keep you going throughout the day. You just may need more than one, but that’s ok, they’re good for you anyway!

Recipe here!


Tales Of A Wooden Spoons Cacao & Strawberry Pancakes

Lauren Teeling has pulled out all the stops with her latest recipe and just in time to celebrate Pancake Day. When it comes to refined sugar, dairy and gluten free treats she never fails. Not only do the recipes on her popular website ‘Tales of A Wooden Spoon’ look too good to eat, they’re also super healthy and nutritious too. She’s managed to sort out our chocolate cravings with these Cacao and Strawberry Pancakes so its no wonder she’s made it into our top 5 healthy pancake recipes. The best thing about this recipe is its super quick and easy to whip up. You can throw everything into a mixer and before you know it you’ll be loading up your plate with these delicious pancakes. They are sweet enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, but the use of Cacao instead of chocolate means you really are still getting plenty of antioxidants. They make the perfect brunch or dessert and you can get as creative with the toppings as you like.

Recipe here!


Deliciously Ellas Lemon Cardamom Pancakes With A Zesty Honey Drizzle

When you’re looking for a healthy recipe with a twist then Ella Mills is the woman to go to. She’s put together a brand new pancake recipe for this year’s Shrove Tuesday’s celebrations by creating a healthy twist on the classic sugar and lemon recipe with cardamom and lemon. The spice from the cardamom combined with the sweetness from the honey drizzle and fresh lemon compliments each other to produce a flavourful packed batch of pancakes. They can also be eaten all year round, so why not flip a few pancakes for Sunday brunch or a mid week dessert.

Recipe here!


Naturally Sassys Vegan and Gluten free Pancakes

Saskia grew up in America so if anyone knows how to whip up a batch of Pancakes, its Saskia. We’re not talking about the kind of pancakes that leave you in a food coma, this recipe is one that will leave you satisfied and full of goodness. This batch are vegan, gluten free and sugar free, and you’d never even know it. Start your Pancake Day off with this lot for breakfast and you’ll feel energised all way until lunch time. Our favourite thing about this recipe is the Natural Nutella, but be warned its dangerously good.

Recipe here!

Featured image – Deliciously Ella, Tales Of A Wooden Spoon

words by Lisa Evans