Welcome to May! It’s that time of the month… (no, not THAT time!). It’s Fitspiration time! This month we’re getting our inspiration from model, blogger and nutritionist, Danielle Copperman. This beauty is all about achieving balance and promoting a healthy and positive attitude when it comes to nutrition. We quiz her about the secrets to a flat tummy and her beauty travel essentials! Enjoy!

When/where did your modelling career begin?
I was scouted on a school trip when I was just about to turn 16. I worked in school holidays and some weekends, travelling to London from my hometown in Bath and staying with family. I left school after completing my A-levels, moved to London and began a full-time career in modelling.

What do you love most about being a model?
There are pros and cons to any job, but I feel so lucky to have fallen into this one as I really enjoy it and every day is different for me. I get bored easily so this works perfectly for me, even if it means not knowing what I’m doing each day until late the evening before. I love meeting new people and this is probably the best part of the job. I have met so many inspiring, encouraging, interesting and creative people. I also travel a lot and can take my modelling career anywhere I go really, so I am grateful for that as I have a severe case of wanderlust.

Have you always had a passion for health and fitness or was it something that you grew into as you began modelling?
Not at all. I used to get home from school and make pasta with cheesy beans and then bake a batch of muffins to snack on before my mum got home to make our evening meal. I never thought twice about what I ate and was lucky enough to stay thin even with things like yum yums, cheese and crisps all a huge part of my diet. When I uprooted myself from my parents home I had to do my food shopping and cook for myself a lot more. I liked this freedom and loved cooking, but I wanted to know exactly what I should be eating and how I could benefit from my food. I was eating all of the wrong kinds of ‘healthy’ products to stay in shape for work and after plenty of research and eventually a diploma in diet and nutrition, I realised this was in fact unhealthy. I completely overhauled my eating habits and overall lifestyle and this is where my passion for health and nutrition began.

Travelling is such a big part of your job, do you have a favourite destination?
No, that’s harder than being asked your favourite movie or meal. Travelling is so important to me and I never, ever want to stop. Everywhere I’ve been has been so unique. I loved new york and felt really at home there. I love venice in la and will always love Italy and France. If I had the chance id go back to Hawaii or the Caribbean with my family as I have the best memories of holidays spent there and am really grateful for the experiences we had. For now, I’m focussing more on where next. I may not have been to my favourite place yet and that inspires me.

What are your beauty essentials when travelling abroad?
Coconut oil to remove my make up. Magnesium Oil to help me sleep in confusing time zones. I love Dr Hauschka rose day cream and always have Hurraw coconut lip balm in my bag wherever I go.

Do you have any flat tummy top tips?
I love doing ab planks and side planks and a 15 minute blast in my living room. I also notice a huge difference when I do more yoga. The boat pose is my favourite and I try and fit in a few minutes of this in the morning. I love doing sprints in the evening and really feel this in my abs. Its also less monotonous than going for a jog.

What 3 foods couldn’t you live without?
Avocado. Fish. Cacao.

You train with SBC (Skinny Bitch Collective). What do you love most about the style of training?
It is so different to any other regime and is far more fun than anything I ever tried to do at the gym. What I love most is that you never know what you’re going to be doing each session. One week you might be running around like a monkey thinking it can’t get much weirder than this, but the next week you’ll be walking like a crab trying to catch another person walking in the same manner. The classes are really fun and have brought together an amazing community of girls. Not to mention the results you see; after 2-3 sessions my tummy is defined and my arms are stronger.

Do you have a favourite power breakfast before lacing up your trainers?
I don’t like to be too full before a run or a workout so for me a smoothie full of essential superfoods is vital. If I have premade a chia pudding I’ll have that to give me more energy, and I’ll always have a side of raw nuts.

Do you have a favourite quote or mantra?
Everything happens for a reason.

Do you have any weaknesses?
I have a weakness for anything sweet and will always cave in to some galaxy chocolate. Some people may view my The OC addiction as a weakness too. It really chills me out though; I have no shame.

What is the best advice you’ve been given?
My mum always says ‘take each day as it comes’. Whenever I’m stressed or worried about something I think about this and it brings me back to the present moment.

How do you relax and wind down after a busy day at work?
I eat out with friends or at my boyfriends – its nice to have someone else cooking for you when life is hectic. Having said that, cooking helps me wind down too and I find baking so therapeutic, especially if I’ve had a bad day. I always try to do 10 minutes of yoga before bed. And if I really need to relax I get out of London and go and stay with my parents in Bath where I grew up.

And finally, what’s your favourite thing from our online Activewear store?
The HPE formula 40 yoga bra.


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