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We had the pleasure of interviewing Daria Kantor, founder of Personal Training on-demand App, TruBe who shares with us how she prioritises her wellbeing, how the technology world is intersecting with wellness and how turning social media apps have helped her to be more present in the moment. With highly experienced trainers in a breadth of areas from HIIT training to boxing and yoga, TruBe is the innovative App for on demand personal trainers. Choose an exercise type, a time, location and a trainer within a few clicks on the App, which makes fitness more accessible and more personal. Inconvenient training and fitness class times are no longer an excuse…


As a busy, working professional and a mother, why is fitting in working out so important for you?
I have always believed in the importance of fitting in exercise regardless of schedule, not only for myself but for my kids. Exercise provides me with the energy I need to get up and go and really maximise my day. Even if I’m really pushed for time, I try to squeeze some form of workout in to ensure I stay on track, both physically and mentally.


Why is keeping active important in your life?
For me, keeping active and healthy is paramount to being happy. I’m really passionate about sport and fitness and this ultimately drove me to create TruBe, as I felt there was a gap in the market for a product that allows people to be active in a more convenient and accessible way. As fitness preferences vary so much from person to person, we wanted TruBe to really adapt to this and cater to different needs and interests to ensure each user gets the most of their workouts. We wanted to develop a product which offers freedom of choice, that removes barriers to exercise and makes health and fitness part of everyday life.


We know you love playing tennis, is there anything else you like to do to keep fit?
I have always enjoyed an active lifestyle and find myself constantly exploring new ways to keep fit, whether that be boxing, Pilates, barre and outdoor activities like skiing or swimming. I also started ballet lessons when I was four years old, so I do that from time to time as well as it’s so great for core fitness. I think by mixing up your exercises to ensure no two days are the same, helps to make fitness both fun and enjoyable.


How do you think technology has changed the fitness industry?
Technology has made working out far more accessible and desirable to people who may have initially struggled to get motivated or lacked an interest in exercise. We are now able to keep better track of our progress, and the fitness industry as a whole has become far more accurate in terms of tracking information and progress on a daily basis. With people living such hectic lives they now expect everything to be accessible at a click of a button and it is important that the fitness industry keeps up with this desire from our consumers. The wellness industry has also grown significantly in the last few years, as people are becoming more aware of what is good and bad for their bodies, and I believe technology and the knowledge and information that it offers has definitely attributed to this.


With your incredibly busy schedule, how do you deal with stress and keep a good ‘work-life’ balance?
I recently deleted my personal Instagram account as I wanted to focus on interacting more in real life with friends and family and immerse myself in the moment. I feel being online provides us with ease and accessibility but it is important to have balance and know when to switch off. Surrounding myself with my loved ones that are such a strong support, maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle really makes coping with stress and maintaining a work-life balance easier to achieve.


Who should be downloading the TruBe app, who is it for?
The beauty of TruBe is that it offers both flexibility and a variety of choice on a daily basis. From expectant mums to those who really struggle to find a spare minute in the day to exercise, it is convenient for everyone. There is such a diverse range of workouts available on the app now that you are guaranteed to find something to suit you regardless of fitness level, whenever and wherever you want.


Why would you recommend TruBe over the traditional, gym based personal trainer?
Since launching in 2015, we’ve recruited over 300 personal trainers from kickboxing heavyweight champions to professional ballet dancers. We recruit the very best in the industry to ensure we continue to offer a high-quality service to our customers. Our trainers are specialists in pre- and post-natal workouts, injury rehab and postural correction, and many are also qualified nutritionists, able to offer tailored expert advice on the impact of diet on fitness and wellbeing.

TruBe takes you on an individual fitness journey where you can reach your goals with access to leading industry professionals. On choosing a time and location, whether that be at home, in the office, at the park or in one of our partner studios, you are matched with a personal trainer who will deliver a signature high-performance workout tailored to your individual interests and needs. Achieving a fit and healthy lifestyle is easy once you can find a regime that suits you, and TruBe makes that both convenient and accessible.

To download the TruBe App and get training as and when you want, click here.


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