Fake Tan Top Tips


We bring you our fake tan tips

Its the heart of winter and so most of us have not now seen the sun for at least half a year! And even if we lived in the southern hemisphere, sunbathing was so last year. That leaves us wannabe bronzed babes with one option, fake tan. Reader, if I could give you one tip with regards to fake tan it would be to approach the stuff with caution. Prepare your body – exfoliate, moisturise and add extra moisture to the dry areas. Leave for about 15 minutes. Then get out your fake tan.

The Legs

Begin by applying to the legs. Spread evenly all over including the feet and go over the sides of your feet to your soles too. Then take out an old dry towel and gently brush the knees, soles of your feet, toes and behind the knees.

Tummy & Chest

Apply all over the tummy and chest including the sides and continuing on to your back area a little. Then get the towel out and brush it gently along your sides. With a small bit of tissue rub your tummy button.

Arms & Hands

Arms can be quite difficult. Again apply all over extending right down to the hands. Use the towel to brush your elbows and the wrists and hands.Wash your hands thoroughly. Nothing gives away a fake tan more than orange hands. Also brush the towel under your armpits.

Face & Neck

Apply the fake tan to your face and neck like a moisturiser. Make sure you go behind your ears and right up to your hairline. Screw up a small piece of tissue and gently brush the hairline. Take a cotton bud and remove any excess fake tan from your eyebrows and in your nostrils (trust me it gets everywhere).