What They’re Wishing For This Christmas

Editor, Sadie Macleod, talks hip and healthy presents for your loved ones this season


I don’t know about you but I am struggling slightly with gifts for my family. It doesn’t help that I have a gigantic immediate family. Four siblings (three brothers and a sister), two sets of parents (two step and two… not step) and a fiancé is no mean feat when you’ve got to think of original and thoughtful presents. I also like to give things that keep on giving – and that contribute to their health. After all, I honestly can’t think of a better present than giving something that improves someone’s wellbeing.

With that in mind, here’s my list of hip and healthy pressies to suite a range of budgets that will get all the usual and much-appreciated ooos and ahhs of a great present received as well as a few out of breath uhuhuhs, phews and exhausted sighs later down the line.

1. An iPod mini – for a nice touch upload a running playlist before you wrap. That way they can just lace up and head out. No fuss. No excuses.

2. Adidas Originals – durable, stylish and iconic. You could not want for a better trainer. They also have a slight retro feel which younger brothers and stylish dads will love.

3. A Yoga DVD – whether they are full blow lotus loving yogis or downward dog virgins – a good yoga DVD will have them engaged in a state of sweaty zen in no time.

4. Running Socks – get them from their favourite sports store and you can’t go wrong. They so have the edge on boring old socks.

5. Ear Muffs – so many people get put off exercising outdoors in winter because of the cold. If your ears are warm I find it makes a huge difference. Ear Muffs can be worn running, walking, cycling… They are what the tangoed salesman on Bridget Jones would call ‘an all rounder’.