Facials are one of the most indulgent forms of self-care and if we are looking to treat ourselves, a facial will always be our first choice. The newly launched treatments at the de Mamiel Skin Clinic inside the NoMad hotel in London are up there with one of the best treatments we’ve ever experienced and that is no exaggeration!

If you’re an OG H&H reader, you’ll know de Mamiel has long been one of our favourite skincare brands. Founded by skin health specialist Annee de Mamiel, the skincare range is deeply rooted in her knowledge of anatomy, physiology, aromatherapy, acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. Annee has carefully deconstructed the impact of stress on the skin to formulate holistically driven products that soothe the skin and the soul. Just to give you an idea of how incredibly intricate the process of creating the products is, Annee has built crystals into the floor of her lab to cleanse all the raw ingredients…a little touch of de Mamiel magic! We could sit and write all day about how much we admire de Mamiel, but we’re here to take about the treatments today, in our archive you can read more about the brand and the founder.

Suite 103 on the NoMad’s first floor has become home to the de Mamiel Skin Clinic. The suite is the ideal setting for an undisturbed moment of peace, where you can let go of any stress. There are two results-driven treatments on offer that both offer a tailored approach and work on an emotional, cellular and physical level to restore your skin to optimum health with a radiant glow.

The Signature…
Performed by none other than the skin-whisperer herself, Annee de Mamiel, The Signature treatment is a level up from any facial you’ve had before. Taking elements of acupuncture, breathwork, meditation, vibrational energy and Qi rejuvenation massage this is the crème de la crème of facials in our book. The 90-minute appointment starts with an in-depth chat on your personal health and wellness, delving into your skincare routine, diet, exercise regime, sleep pattern,  internal and external stressors, and more, giving Annee the ability to make the treatment bespoke to your specific needs. To commence the facial, Annee opens with some mindfulness and sets an intention that gets you in the headspace for this transformative time spent together. Annee is a strong believer in the power of acupuncture, so it was no surprise that this was incorporated into the treatment with a few needles inserted into the feet and ankle region. With years of experience on her side, Annee’s facial techniques are faultless and instantly send you into a deep state of relaxation. Harnessing numerous high-performance de Mamiel products that Annee deems most suitable, the skin will be able to utilise the magic through a series of cleanses, masks, massages and more throughout the facial. This is by far the most indulgent part of the treatment that works to release tension from within, increase circulation, repair cellular damage, drain toxins and nourish the skin. Not only will you notice visible results, but the treatment is also designed to work on imbalances such as insomnia, digestive issues and emotional unrest. To bring the facial to a close, Annee uses tuning forks to send vibrational energy through the body to symbolise a rejuvenating awakening, bring a newfound sense of serenity into your everyday life. Following the treatment, Annee will run you through her findings and give you some pointers to implement into your wellbeing rituals. The main thread on The Signature Treatment from start to finish is to realign and nurture the skin, spirit and body, instilling a grounded sense of calm. Feeling your skin and soul renewed, luminous and bright, we advise all to take this opportunity to experience a treatment with the wellness guru that is Annee de Mamiel, trust me it won’t disappoint!

The Digital Fatigue Facial…
Providing 75 minutes of total bliss, the Digital Fatigue Facial is the perfect antidote to modern stressors. Designed to calm and soothe city-living skin, the facial harnesses powerful natural antioxidants found in de Mamiel’s high-performance skincare collection to target inflammation and boost skin cell metabolism. Led by skincare experts the treatment starts off with a unique cleansing ritual to initial a deep release of stress and tension in the facial muscles and ligaments so you an instantly more relaxed. Your therapist will then perform a Qi rejuvenation massage to increase circulation and drain any toxins. Following various cleanses and detoxification of the skin using the products that are best aligned with your skin types, an oxygen dome mask is used to intensely energise and brighten the complexion. Fundamentally the Digital Fatigue Facial works to cleanse, feed and repair the skin whilst also soothing and calming the mind, offering a dual remedy to combating the harsh environment of today’s world. Post-treatment, your skin will instantly appear hydrated and plumped, with a glow from within.

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