New to Notting Hill’s wellness scene, Recharge Rooms have a fresh approach to health and wellbeing that has their clients looking and feeling revitalised and restored. Set in the beautiful Laslett Hotel, Recharge Rooms are paving the way for hotel-based wellness by offering way more than your average spa treatment. Founder, Mikhail aims to bring you are 360 wellness experience that has long-lasting effects. Incorporating cutting edge technology in the treatments, you can be sure that you will feel and see immediate results. Specialising in strengthening immunity, boosting energy levels, stimulating brain activity and anti-ageing, Recharge Rooms treatments are incredibly intricate, hence why they deliver such impressive, wellness-enhancing results. Taking place in the comfort of the design-led room of the Laslett, Recharge Rooms experience is a million miles away from medical-feeling treatment rooms, you will feel at-home and relaxed in the surroundings of the chic hotel. 

Housing one of the very few Ozone Saunas in the country, Recharge Room offers ozone therapy which promises a wide range of health benefits. It’s a relaxing treatment where you can sit back and let it work its magic in peace. The Ozone Sauna detoxifies the body down to cellular level by using a powerful combination of ozone, oxygen, far-infrared, steam, carbonic acid, electrotherapy, photon light and aromatherapies. Boosting immunity has never been so important and regular sessions in the Ozone Sauna help maintain a strong immune system to fight off viruses and infections. If you suffer from energy depletion, this procedure has been proven to increase energy levels which helps you perform better in all aspects of your life. Loved by athletes worldwide, the Ozone Sauna is great for recovery as it helps reduce inflammation and chronic joint pain. Another plus point of the Ozone Sauna is that, unlike more traditional saunas, you don’t get overly hot and sweaty so can simply put your clothes back on to go about your day, making it a quick and efficient treatment. 

A first for the UK, MESOJET technology delivers two types of treatments, JET technology and JET Radio Frequency technology. JET technology intensely dispenses a supercharged dose of vitamins, minerals, acids and peptides deep into the layers of the face to achieve instant and lasting rejuvenation. This is a truly unique treatment that really provides the wow factor we’re all looking for in a facial. Skin feels instantly refreshed, firmer and renewed after just 30 minutes. Starting with a short consultation, The Recharge Rooms skin specialists will examine your skin and decide on a bespoke solution of active skin enhancement and anti-ageing ingredients that will be most beneficial for your skin type. We love this element as it is very tailored to you, we’ve learnt there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to skincare, so getting a unique treatment is going to give you the best results. The solution is infused deep into the skin through the minuscule jets that blast the tailored formula into the layers of the targeted area. The revitalising sensation allows you to really feel the skin being deeply cleaned and detoxified which is so satisfying! JET Radio Frequency technology is renowned for its anti-ageing powers which works most effectively on any loose areas of skin on the face or body. The unique treatment instantly soothes, firms and tones through radiofrequency energy to stimulate elastin and collagen production which helps to create a tighter cellular and collagen fiber structure so that the skin delays and prevents the ageing process.

Offering one-on-one training, Recharge Rooms have a dedicated area for fitness where you can complete a session as well as have your fitness levels assessed. Primarily teaching Pilates using a traditional reformer, The Recharge Rooms prioritise rebalancing your physique just as much as increasing your fitness, working on alignment and mobilisation. The Recharge Rooms additionally offer vitamin IV infusions and injections, which are the most effective way to absorb large amounts of vitamins, minerals and amino acids quickly and efficiently.

With lots of new-age terminologies, technology-driven wellness can sometimes be daunting and confusing to understand, but the team at Recharge Rooms are not only friendly and helpful but are also a world of knowledge about these technical treatments and will be able to assist you on what you can benefit from most. Whether its anti-ageing, recovery, immunity-boosting, you name it… The expert team of specialists deliver luxe, bespoke, wellness-boosting treatments that will leave you looking but most importantly, feeling your very best.

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