Every year we look forward to this special time only to often be met with a bunch of added stress that we place upon ourselves in the process of getting ready for Christmas. And this year, not only do we have all the usual strains and stresses that we are normally faced with such as present shopping, food preparing, card writing, work deadlines looming and Christmas play line learning (much more stressful for the parents than the children might I add), but we also have the huge, overwhelming, terrifying stress of not giving or receiving COVID-19. Given the unprecedented times we are living in, now more than ever, we need to try and keep calm this Christmas for our own sake and the sake of our loved ones too. 

Luxuriate in the lack of Christmas Parties
Anyone else ecstatic at the thought that all Christmas parties have been cancelled? If you’re much more social than me then you may be disappointed at the lack of LBDs and champagne clinking this year but I urge you to embrace the slower pace. Instead, think of all the cosy things you can do at home; cooking meals, Christmas TV, chatting on the phone and with the lack of Christmas parties also comes the lack of hangovers that will allow you to get up and embrace the day with some morning exercise. 

Self Care
Self-care is one of the most essential things you can do to keep your cool this Christmas, so put it at the top of your to-do list. As well as lovely things like slathering on a face mask and hot bubble baths, self-care is also about talking to yourself kindly, not berating yourself if you forget something, or if you’re late, or for any other reason that you might feel frustrated over. Instead – really try to talk to yourself in a more understanding way and DO NOT apply a ton of pressure to getting this Christmas absolutely perfect. Work on being present more than giving presents and practising gratitude for all the things you do have.

Shop small, shop sustainable, shop online if you can
It is true that when you shop from a small person an actual person does a happy dance. This year more than ever, small businesses need our help and what better time to do it than at Christmas. Giving books this Christmas – buy from your local bookshop. Use Google to find sustainable businesses as well, and if you can shop online that of course means less risk to yourself and others so always try and do it from your sofa. We have a list of our favourite zero-waste shops and small shops.

Let The Little Things Go
When someone does or says something that irritates you, or your internet goes on the blink again or your kid spills glow stick liquid all over your freshly laid white carpet (true story) – rather than getting even more worked up, really try and give yourself 10 seconds and imagine just the issue is literally like water off a duck’s back. You will honestly feel so much better about life if you don’t rise to all the little frustrations that blow in and out. 

Take Care of Your Sleep
This is probably one of the most key ingredients for keeping calm. When my children were tiny babies and did not sleep a wink, I basically was vile to anyone who would dare to even talk to me before my third coffee of the day. Sleep is so important for so many things; hormones; digestion; memory; health – but most of all our moods and our ability to keep calm. I’m currently using The Nue Co Sleep Drops which contains Valerien Root and Chamomile… hero ingredients for sleep and it’s really been helping me to switch off. Make sleep a priority this Christmas and you will feel the difference. For sleep tips please read our article on sleep here.

words by Sadie Reid


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