It’s a tale as old as time: you arrive at the gym with the best intentions but have no idea where to begin. You wonder around scrolling Instagram for motivation, to no avail. You then float between the cardio machines and the dumbbells, unable to decide what you feel like doing. You do a few more laps of the gym, attempt a few sit-ups and then decide to go home……Sound at all familiar? We feel you. Arriving at the gym with a clearly laid out workout to follow will not only save you time but is a sure fire way to boost your confidence and motivate you to push yourself. We don’t want you to waste any more of your precious time um-ing and ah-ing over what workout to do next, so we have done the work for you and compiled a list of the best pre-downloadable workout programs around.

Nike Training Club App
The app’s tagline ‘Your Ultimate Personal Trainer’ is no exaggeration; Nike Training Club is like having a personal coach in your pocket. The well laid out and easy to navigate app will firstly ask you simple questions such as how active you are, your goals and the equipment you have available to you. Then, within moments the app creates a personalised workout plan tailored to you, with a wide variety of workouts ready and waiting for you. When you are ready, just download the workout of the day and begin, simple as that. The app keeps track of how many workouts you complete, and how difficult you are finding them and adapts accordingly – so don’t panic if you miss a workout, this app will automatically change your plan to keep you on track! Each workout has an easy to follow structure with a timer, as well as audio and videos to guide you through. Don’t think it could get any better? It’s also totally free…you’re welcome.

The Sculpt Guide by Zanna van Dijk
Personal trainer, Adidas ambassador and environmental warrior Zanna is known on Instagram and youtube for her colourful plant-based recipes, hardcore strength workouts and passion for living sustainably. And now, Zanna has created a guide chocked full of her extensive knowledge and bubbling passion for all things health and fitness. The Sculpt Guide is a 12-week training program designed to increase strength as well as flexibility and self-care and can be completed either at home or in the gym. As an avid traveller, Zanna has tailored the guide to be flexible, so you can even complete the workouts whilst on holiday! The guide comes with videos demonstrating the correct form for each exercise, motivational advice and tips on recovery including foam rolling and mindfulness. At £35, the guide is affordable and guarantees to boost your physical and mental health!

FiiT’s online workout studio brings the boutique studio experience to your phone. Workout alongside some of the fitness industries biggest names such as Lily Sabri, Adrienne Herbert and Chessie King, who will motivate you in real time as they get sweaty with you. There is a wide range of different workouts to choose from in their three sections: cardio, strength and rebalance. Not only this, but new workouts are added to the online studio every day, so no fear of tedious repetition either! Pricing starts from just 33p a day (a lot cheaper than the average gym or studio!) and when you sign up FiiT sends you a free heart rate strap to wear during your workouts, which are usually worth around £65. These straps allow you to set goals and track your progress as well as challenge your friends on the shared leaderboard. All you need is your FiiT strap, your phone or iPad to get started on your fitness journey!

The Vertue Method by Shona Vertue
Either downloadable as an E-Book or as a physical copy, this very affordable book (£12.99 on Amazon), published by yoga and strength extraordinaire Shona Vertue, is the perfect fitness guide to get strong, flexible and find balance. The book includes Shona’s 28- day ‘reset plan’ which is aimed at improving your diet and fitness levels as well as combatting the inevitable, negative effects of modern day life. Shona’s down-to-earth and funny tone makes the book easy to digest and the workouts are laid out clearly, making your fitness journey simpler than ever.

Keep It Cleaner
Steph Smith and Laura Henshaw, two Australian models and best friends, have launched a workout plan guaranteed to get you feeling strong, confident and happy in your own skin. The four-week program includes boxing, HIIT and running classes, as well as a delicious meal plan and guided meditation practices. The program is aimed at all levels of fitness and can be easily adapted!

The ‘KIC’ community has been rapidly growing, and followers of the program particularly love the Private Facebook community, which is an amazing place to chat with Steph and Laura, and find like-minded individuals who will motivate you! At just £11.50 a month, the guide is very affordable and can be done in the gym or at home, simply download the workouts from the weekly planner and go! And if you need any more encouraging…just take a look at Steph or Laura’s Instagram pages (those abs!).

words by Lucy Edgerley