2018 has quickly become the year where people have started to take notice of the amount of waste they are creating. There’s been a recent shift to help protect the planet; from Cafes ditching single-use coffee cups, beauty products using recycled materials and more organic ingredients, not forgetting the ban on plastic straws in some parts of the UK. So its no surprise that many companies are beginning to lead with these trends, and we’re getting behind the brands too! Check out these 5 businesses that are championing the zero waste movement.

Top of our list is Akyra Sukhumvit in Bangkok, which has become the first single-use plastic free hotel in Asia. Yep, you read that right – awesome we know. They’ve managed to achieve this by ensuring that they use glass bottle containers, rather than single-use plastic in their bar. As a guest at the hotel, you can use one of their stainless steel water bottles to refill at the hotel’s re-fill stations, to keep you hydrated on the go, meaning you don’t have to pack your own, leaving that much-needed space in your suitcase. Another unique feature that we are totally on board with is the hotel’s bio-degradable bin bags used in each room, and wait for it – you can even borrow the hotel’s shopping bags to avoid the plastic ones. Great – shopping that’s guilt free!

No Planet B Festival

No Planet B Festival is trying to change the amount of waste that accumulates across UK festivals. We love a good summer festival, but anything that can help cut down on 23,500 tonnes of waste per event has got to be worth investing in. That’s where No Planet B Festival comes into its own; they are bringing Veganism, minimalism and zero waste to the UK festival scene this summer. The festival was created to raise environmental awareness, by incorporating a unique programme of food, environment and talks. They also want festival-goers to be interactive and each person is asked to bring along a piece of unwanted non-recyclable plastic, which will then be used to create an art piece on the final day. This will take place in Great Tew from August 17th to 19th – get your tickets!

Dr Bronner's

If you haven’t already heard of Dr Bronners, then let us introduce this brand to you. The company has been producing natural, fair trade, vegan, organic, multi-use liquid soap since 1948. As if that didn’t sound good enough the soap is packaged in 100% post-consumer recycled bottles and recycled paper labels. The liquid soap is even completely biodegradable, so it’s totally environmentally friendly too. Dr Bronner’s have given thought to every aspect of their product, and what we love the most is just how versatile it is. The soap can, in fact, be used in 18 different ways; shampoo, body wash, household cleaner, washing up liquid, pet cleanser and even as a fruit and vegetable wash! They don’t just put all their efforts into soap, their new Coconut Oil is the first on the market to use the whole kernel, making it almost completely waste free.

Fair Squared Period Cup

Fair Squared is a company that has recently launched a new Fair Trade, Natural Rubber Menstrual Cup. The brand has introduced the biodegradable fair-trade Menstrual cup in an attempt to reduce waste from tampons and sanitary towels. It’s estimated that women typically use around 10,000 tampons or pads in their life, and so Fair Squared wanted to do something about this. The cup can be re-used for up to 2 years, which is a great way of reducing waste and a lot cheaper too. The product is made from Fair Trade natural, bio-degradable rubber and is suitable for all women. The product is unique and the ethos behind the brand is definitely one worth backing.

S'well Bottle uk

We’ve been fans of Swell Bottle for a while now, and so a rundown like this wouldn’t be the same without including them on our list. S’well is constantly pushing to reduce waste, not only through their products but they actively work to help and promote awareness of the negative effects of plastic and what it’s doing to our oceans. These bottles aren’t only fashionable but they are an easy way to stop buying disposable bottles. They have a range of products available from water bottles, tumblers and roamers. Deciding which design to pick is the trickiest bit! You can grab your own stylish bottle online at Hipandhealthy.com.

words by Lisa Evans