You’re not alone if you ever feel like there isn’t time to work out. With our busy work and social lives ranking top of our priority list, it can mean a good sweat session often gets left at the bottom of the pile. If you’re someone who relates to this common issue then why not get an online studio membership instead? Here us out! Online workouts are definitely the way forward if you prefer to squeeze in a workout from the comfort of your home or hotel room. All you need is your phone or laptop and you’re good to go!

Stepping into a studio full of people can be extremely daunting for some which is why online workouts can be a great alternative to build fitness and confidence from the comfort of your own home! Also, online workouts are an excellent way to avoid missing your daily workout if you’re a parent. With the flexibility of being able to pause the workout at any point, you can complete a full workout whilst being able to tend to your little ones at any point.


Movement for modern life
Born out of a need for yoga in the comfort of her own home, Kat launched Movement for Modern Life to revolutionise online yoga and wellbeing. Aimed at the very busiest women, classes are conveniently curated by style, emotion, benefit, level, duration & teacher. Whatever you’re yearning, for however long, there’s a class for you. The online platform hosts the UK’s top yoga teachers, in various styles including Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Forrest, Restorative, Yin, Meditation and Pre and Post Natal in sessions from 5 minutes to 1.5 hours. Starting at just £10.99 per month Movement for Modern Life is affordable and accessible to all! Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, there are tailored classes for all.

To find out more visit https://movementformodernlife.com


Ballet Blast Online Studio
Ballet Blast is a unique training concept, created by Saskia Gregson-Williams, founder of Naturally Sassy, which fuses strength and conditioning training with classical dance principles. This whole-body approach to movement uses your body as resistance to burn fat and create long, lean, sculpted muscle. The signature series of 10-20 minute bodyweight workouts are updated every month Saskia, a professionally trained ballerina and qualified personal trainer. Pair up the videos to create your own tailored full workout, which you can stream directly to any device to complete your workout anywhere in the world! If you are after that strong and supple ballerina physique or you would like to reconnect with your love of ballet, the online studio is a flexible way to get a guided workout and be part of the Ballet Blast community! Monthly subscriptions start at £9.50 per month.

Find out more at https://studio.naturallysassy.co.uk


That Girl
That Girl is a no-nonsense results-based programme designed to transform your mind and body and educate you to live a smarter, healthier lifestyle. The method combines interval training and unique body-weight exercises that you can do anywhere. Founded by personal trainer, Christina Howells and activewear designer Charli Cohen, That Girl has been devised especially for women by women who understand the demands of a busy lifestyle. These workouts have been designed for the modern girl, to work in the spare pockets of time to get amazing results. For £59, you are entitled to 12 months of easy-to-follow GIF workouts, an expert nutrition guide and professional wellbeing advice!

For more information visit https://thatgirllondon.com


Barrecore On The Go
If you are based in London you have probably heard of Barrecore, the first specialist barre fitness studio in the UK. In 2011, founder Niki Rein had recently moved from Los Angeles and was surprised to discover that the boutique fitness trend was yet to arrive in London. Since then Barrecore has become hugely popular and successful for many women. The online workout classes were launched with busy women of all fitness levels in mind! The specialist Barrecore instructors combine fat-blasting interval training techniques with isometric movements to tone and sculpt your muscles to perfection. Barrecore also focuses on stretching each major muscle to give excellent results with no injuries. 1-day unlimited access starts at £5.00 or you can enjoy a monthly subscription for £25.00.

Visit https://www.barrecore.co.uk/videos to find out more

words by Isabelle Shury