With green beauty and organic nutrition on the rise, there’s a lot to be said for holistic treatments and remedies. They help revitalise the mind, body and soul in the best way possible – the natural way– and there’s no better place to do this than at holistic wellness spa, Chi Yu, located in the heart of Marylebone, London.

Mami Tsang, Owner and Principle Practitioner of Chi Yu, has personally reaped the benefits of Eastern medicine, having suffered headaches and back pain during her early years.  With the utmost faith in herbal remedies, Mami has become a master in massage, having trained in over 16 different types of treatments. Her portfolio boasts repertoire of massages from Somato Emotional Release Therapy, a process designed to rid the mind and body of residual physical and mental stress collated from negative experiences, to Tui na, a hands-on Chinese treatment that works to open up the body and restore the natural flow of energy.

Having opened in 2005, Chi Yu is Marylebone’s best kept secret! Incense candles softly burn, fresh herbal tea brews and shelves upon shelves of organic oils such as avocado, apricot kernel and borage seed greet you as you enter. For complete mind and body rejuvenation, Chi Yu’s signature ‘Integrated Therapy’ is a must-try. Designed to eliminate toxins from the body, this luxury treatment is tailor-made to individuals following a personal consultation. ‘Taking the pulse on both wrists is one of the diagnostic methods of traditional eastern medicine. Different locations on the wrist corresponds with different organs of the body, so the quality of energy within each organ can be understood through the pulse, which helps to determine what needs attention and which acupuncture points are to be treated’, says Mami.

Following a unique formula, the Integrated Therapy treatment includes components of aromatherapy, acupuncture, craniosacral and cupping therapy. Working in harmony, acupuncture physically relieves built up tension in each muscle whilst cupping therapy aids blood flow for stress-relieving bliss – you can physically feel the tension leave your body. Cranisosacral therapy then comes into play, and because all events in life are perceived by the body through the sensory network of nerves, this gentle head massage focuses on communicated movements across the skull and facial tissue allowing for a deep state of relaxation. The blissful treatment ends with a light, warming foot massage thanks to heated oil and speaking from experience, it’s very difficult to rise from such tranquillity!

Following the treatment, your therapist will discuss any findings made and advise on how best to proceed – eat more beetroot for blood nourishment or perhaps start the day with two minutes meditation for controlling anxiety. Did you know that drinking warm water is much softer on the kidneys? Next time, try swapping your ice cold beverage for a warm glass of water and visualise your body reaping the benefits!

Chi Yu is THE holistic haven for beating the Sunday blues. Open 7 days a week, it may just be just what you need for a stress-free week ahead…

For more information, visit www.chi-yu.co.uk 

020 7486 0304 | 36 George Street

words by: Samantha Organ