A former American football player and self-proclaimed yoga addict, the super sculpted Matt Miller is the founder of a new type of yoga, known as Broga. After experiencing the amazing benefits of yoga for himself, Matt set out to create a new and innovative way of practicing this typically female activity in a way that would appeal to men as much as women. Comprised of intense and challenging workouts that will push your body to new limits, Broga promises to increase performance and capability while protecting you from potential injury. Read on to learn more…

With the Women’s World Cup just over, we are starting to notice a whole host of typical male oriented sports become embraced by females all over the world such as football, golf and boxing to name a few – what are some other sports you would like to see more women engaging in?

Women typically do their fitness as a solo artist, men are more readily part of the band. It would be great to see more women involved in team sports where group camaraderie and playful interactive fun is part of the activity.

And what about the boys – do you think men are still too afraid to participate in typically female oriented sports such as gymnastics, ballet and even yoga? Why do you think this is?

Now that paradigm is blasted wide open now. Yoga is the fastest growing fitness sector in the fitness market and men practitioners are on the rise with that wave. The new ideal for men is not size but being able to MOVE!  Right now, early-adopter type men are all over parkour, gymnastics, muay tai , crossfit and yoga. And everyone else is starting to follow their lead.

Tell us about Broga – how does is intend to shift the universal idea that yoga is for girls?

Broga is a workout at heart with focus on a specific body part in each class. You know exactly what you are getting. Men love the idea of knowing what the specific challenge is and being able to benchmark progress against past performance and the Broga program allows and develops exactly that.

How does Broga differ from more traditional styles of yoga? 

From the first class, Broga is instantly accessible and scalable to all levels and body types. There is never that self-deprecating moment when you feel like you are watching the one person in the room do a move you think you will never be able to do. Basically we break up the secret little yoga club and smash it up and give everyone a piece!

Can girls practice Broga? What can we expect from a Broga class?

Of course! We love women Brogis! Flexibility is nothing without a balance of power. Expect to have muscle soreness for a few days!

What are the main benefits of a regular Broga practice that both men and women can look forward to reaping?

Broga truly is a two in one practice – proper yoga and incredible opening, lengthening and rebalancing, but on the other hand it is incredibly dynamic and strengthening in places that are often hard to access in another sport or even another type of yoga practice.

Come see what all the fuss is about as we host our 4th teacher training – a 4 day intensive residential boot camp combining sport (hosted by Olympic and team GB athletes) and the yoga movement sequences that compliment each fitness activity. It is also a way to learn to speak to and inspire a new generation of yogis and men who are coming to the mat. 

Find out more and book your place now on Broga.uk.com

By Zsa Zsa Vella