The list of supplements that we are recommended to take is constantly growing, not only is this racking up our monthly Holland & Barrett bill and budging out our cabinets but we often worry (whilst gulping down our 8th capsule of the day), is it all really necessary? As we know well, there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to diet and supplements. What works wonders for your friend may be totally ineffective for you! So, how do we find out what our body requires? Enter Bioniq…the Swiss-made personalised health support system, driven by world-leading data!

How does it work?

Blood tests are carried out from the comfort of your own home to test which areas your body is lacking in. Once the lab results are in, you can view your results from the dashboard which is super user-friendly and clearly labels the areas for improvement in red. A personal consultation with a nutritionist will then help you to understand the results in more depth, they will also be able to recommend a coinciding diet plan to go alongside the supplements. Your personalised supplements will then be delivered straight to your door for you to use every day. Everything you need to optimise your health in one jar!

What exactly does it test for?

The blood tests track elements within the metabolism, such as glucose and insulin, your vitamin levels, microelements, such as iron, calcium and ferritin, liver function and hormone level such as the Thyroid-stimulating hormone. 

What are the supplements made up of?

Each Bioniq life formula is bespoke to the individual, meaning no two are the same. Depending on a variety of factors such as the blood test results, your gender and weight. The personalised formula will contain a mixture of vitamins, herbal essences, amino acids and microelements. The formula comes in a granulated form as it enhances the absorption in the body and releases active ingredients 24/7. They are odourless, gluten-free, colourant-free and vegan-friendly, sprinkle onto a meal (cannot be hot), blend in a smoothie or simply take with water twice a day. 

Why we love it?

The bespoke element of Bioniq is particularly great at optimising your bodies potential. We also love that Bioniq cuts corners in terms of finding the root of what your body requires, as opposed to trialling and error lots of supplements until you find what works for you. 

Who is Bioniq for?

As this is a bespoke service, truly anybody and everybody! We especially think Bioniq is great for people suffering long-term from symptoms, who cannot seem to find a solution themselves and individuals who have a super hectic lifestyle with little time on their hands. Bioniq does not require regular visits to a clinic, you have control of where the blood tests take place and the rest is done online or over the phone, it couldn’t be easier!

How do you track your progress?

Regular blood tests will take place to see whether the areas you were deficient in have benefitted from the tailored Bioniq formula, resulting in all areas being in the optimum range. Consultations will regularly be held with your nutritionist to ensure you are eating the right diet for your body!

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