Championing fitness gyms with hefty monthly membership fees are London-based luxury fitness studio Core Collective! The pay-as-you-go boutique gym has just opened its third location in St John’s Wood, the affluent suburb in North West London. Founded on the pursuit of collective self-improvement, not perfection. The classes are run by London’s finest trainers and are designed to give you the best, results-driven experience whilst having some fun and releasing endorphins. 

Even if you are not local to St John’s Wood, book yourself into a class, make use of the epic changing rooms then spend the day exploring this lovely part of London, home to endless yummy restaurants and independent boutiques.

In three words…

Trendy, flexible, addictive!

Who is it for?

Core Collective offers a super wide range of classes from yoga, pilates, HIIT based workouts, spinning, strength training and mobility sessions. So whether you’re a yogi bunny or a cardio junkie, there is something for everyone. To maximise your fitness potential try mixing up your workouts with new classes to give your body a diverse range of exercise. 


What makes it different?

The studios are seriously epic! With state-of-the-art equipment, you know the minute you step in the studio that you’re going to get a kickass workout in! The broad class list also makes Core Collective unique, most boutique fitness spaces offer a few types of classes but these guys have all bases covered meaning if you want to workout in one gym you can. As mentioned before, Core Collective offer pay-as-you-go payment but you can get yourself a monthly membership if you prefer.

Why we love it?

Core Collective has a real sense of community, the trainers are so friendly as well as being super intuitive. In the reception, gym-goers are welcome to chill out with friends or catch up on emails after class with a post-workout smoothie. 

Our favourite classes…

CIRCUIT/STRENGTH– Control, strength, power

“A low rep, compound focussed workout that will allow you to challenge your body with heavier weights and exercises to build a strong, toned physique. Feel the burn!”

POWER YOGA 55– Control, energise, revitalise.

“Fast-flowing calm and control meets strength and flexibility. Expect to sweat, move and breathe. Static holds, playful flows, all set to uplifting music. Open to all levels.”

TRX– Balance, focus, full-body fitness.

“Put your whole body to the test. Time under tension and long intervals build muscular endurance, a strong core and a lean physique. Flow through the moves to hone balance, coordination and boost strength. By your body, for your body.”

ROW/SWEAT– Energy, endurance, speed.

“Cardio-focused, with higher rep exercises and longer rowing sets for the ultimate calorie burn. Challenge your endurance – you’ll be amazed what you’re capable of!”


Check out the timetable here