Every year as the summer slips away and Autumn comes into play, I do a cleanse. After many months of ice creams, sweet treats with the kids, much less moving due to the fact that juggling childcare and work leaves little room to exercise, and heightened stress – due to that aforementioned children/work-life juggle, I feel it’s time to focus on me for a bit. When the kids are back at school a cleanse is much more manageable – it allows me the time to eat well, move more and even practice a bit of self-care – as well as carry on working of course. I have tried a variety of cleanses, including full-blown retreats, but there is something about this Mindful Movement Cleanse created by experts in movement, Silver Linings and connoisseurs in cleanses, Radiance Cleanse that is particularly special – you can truly make it your own, do it from home and experience great results.

My Desired Results
As I mentioned, after a summer that successfully saw me consume more vegan magnums than we knew was possible, I was craving some goodness. The balance had shifted and all my energy was being spent on the kids, work and a fairly big house move. I was exhausted, my skin was experiencing constant breakouts and I even had pains in my muscles that I needed to re’-establish some boundaries, practise some self-care, work out more and nourish myself. I wanted to feel happier and healthier in my own body again. I hadn’t changed shape physically, or if I had I didn’t notice, but this cleanse is purely for the inner me – my organs, my wellbeing, my mind.

What Happens on The Cleanse?
The Mindful Movement Cleanse brings together experts in cleansing, movement and wellness to help reset your body and mind for positive transformation. The night before the cleanse an array of brightly coloured Radiance juices landed on my doorstep ready to be consumed over the coming days. They all look and taste absolutely delicious. From Vital Greens (cucumbers, apples, spinach, limes + parsley) to Ginger Lemonade (lemon, ginger, turmeric, maple syrup, cinnamon, black pepper), as well a delicious Cacao Cashew Nut Mylk, which I have without doubt become addicted to, each juice has been designed to help support and nourish the body. There are a total of six different large juices and nut mylks a day, all labelled to guide you on what to drink when. To keep you moving during the cleanse, the founder of Silver Linings, Chrissy Sundt, a classical Pilates, yoga and barre teacher with years of experience designed a mindful movement programme that won’t tire you out but instead will help you to build strength and clear your mind all from the comfort of your own home. I have used the Silver Linings platform for months now – I find the videos so lovely to watch and the quality of the teaching is excellent – the video flows and sessions designed for the cleanse are amazing. I especially loved the Self-Care session, which you do halfway through. 

What You Need For The Cleanse
The cleanse is designed to be enjoyed at home. You are sent a journal and encouraged to write notes and thoughts to help clear your mind. Chrissy Sundt is an advocate for creating the dream zen den though and suggests that clients on the cleanse set up their ‘home studio’ with thought and care. Make sure you have a yoga mat, but the candles, crystals and plants that I added are all optional!

Why I Think The Cleanse is Revolutionary
For a working (from home) mum like me, I loved this cleanse. Not only was it super convenient, easy to follow and uber supportive, but it was also just what I needed after a hectic summer. I loved the self-care element of the cleanse that was greatly emphasised throughout as I tend to be much kinder to myself these days – especially after stressful periods. The juices really are truly delicious and so packed full of goodness and Chrissy’s calming, soothing sequences were great for making sure that I was still moving but at a pace that I could handle whilst on a cleanse. With all the components of a retreat but just from home it meant that I didn’t have to stop my life to go on it. 

Three Day Mindful Movement Programme: £271.00 

Includes six juices a Day Juice Programme, two mindful movement sessions, plus one Bonus Session. You’ll also receive a goody bag, which includes a journal notebook and pen. 

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words by Sadie Reid