1. What should we look for in a good cleanser?

It totally depends on the skin, double cleansing is great, so a balm or milky cleanser to take of the surface then a wash to do a dealer cleanse, but there is no set rule for all skins. An acne skin should look for a cleanser with salycilic acid, where as a dry skin old need to look for something not too stripping.

2. Are there any facial massage techniques that are particularly effective?

At home if your skin is sensitive go gentle, if not go deep, lift, get involved and don’t be afraid of massage, getting the circulation going is great, lift and hold brow areas to open up the eyes.

3. Would you suggest using any flannels/ muslin cloths or is bare hands better to wash our faces?

Hands to start the cleansing process. Wash off with cloth or flannel, I would buy a handful of cloths just to use on your face which is why a muslin is often better as there is no confusion of your other half using it in the shower! Also use a fresh one at least every other day to keep them clean.

4. How important is serum?

These are great for added umph to your routine, some actives work better in a water or gel formula so they extend what your cream does without over clogging, and you can even layer up serums to suit your skin. If you are oily-skinned you might actually just choose to use a serum at night.

5. After how long can we tell if a product is really not right for one’s skin?

You will either have an immediate response, or give it at least 4 -6 weeks to make a decision, skin cells work on a monthly cycle you need to work with that.

Watch Abigail take you through a cleansing routine for more  top tips http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=010Zw-HZs4g