Does your system feel off balance? Is the autumn season making you binge or crave comfort foods? Every once in a while, our bodies need (and deserve!) a little detox. Signs of tiredness, fatigue and irritability are key clues that your system is run down and in need of nutritional TLC. So sit back, relax, and let the Nosh Fat, Sugar and Yeast free diet restore your inner (and outer) wellness!

But why remove these food groups in particular? For one very good reason: yeast and sugar are a devilish dynamic duo. If your diet allows them to chum up, be prepared to suffer the consequences of these bullying besties. Why? Yeast thrives on sugars, a feasting process that robs your body of the essential nutrients needed for everyday bodily functions. Fat, dairy, glutinous grains and processed foods are rich in sugars, an environment that fosters yeast overgrowth and facilitates a bad bacterial feeding ground.

The solution? Banish the badies, and eat clean! Geeta Sidhu-Robb, (founder of Nosh Detox) is committed to restoring her clients to their best potential condition and wellbeing. She claims: “Doing a detox allows your body to catch up and process all of that build up bringing your body into homeostasis or balance.” Passionate and professional, you can feel confident that your health is in safe hands when you allow Geeta’s detoxification programme to transform your system in a matter of seven days.

Delivered to your very door, Nosh provides the perfect meal plan to safely and systematically remove all sugar and yeast from your system. Following a yeast-free diet can often alleviate symptoms of irritable bowel disease, migraines, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic ear infections, asthma, and attention deficit disorder by reducing the candida level within the body. Candida albicans is harmless yeast that naturally occurs in the body, however a poor diet can cause it to be produced at an alarming rate, which makes you feel less than your best. And don’t forget, following a fat, sugar and yeast free diet is also a good tool for weight loss when paired with exercise. Many followers of this diet report increased energy and a decrease in episodes of fatigue – clear proof that Nosh gives your system a kick-start onto the road of recovery!

Each day the Fat, Sugar & Yeast Free Programme includes three meals and two snacks, full of nutritional wholeness. Tantalise your taste buds with a crispy golden salmon dinner, warm your insides on a cold autumn morning with a raw porridge breakfast and ensure you never feel hungry with sustaining seed snacks or even Nosh’s own raw milk. What’s more, an optional ‘Anti-Cravings Supplement Box’ is thrown in for a little additional help, containing probiotics, Pau D’Arco, Acerola Cherry Power (vitamin C), Candida Albicans (we all need a little yeast in our bodies!), Vitamin B complex, Oregano Complex and camomile tea.

Each meal is different, seasonal, and perfectly prepared to fit in with your hectic lifestyle. With Nosh, you will no longer be found marching up and down supermarket aisles laden with produce. No longer will you be found scrutinising labels and nutritional values on food packets, counting calories, sugar and salt contents. Detoxing slowly, steadily and healthily couldn’t be easier, so roll on the calm, collected and cleansed you!

But out of the thousands of programmes available, why choose Nosh? Let the awards do the talking. Winner of the ‘Best Diet Delivery’ award in 2009 (Zest magazine) ‘Best Detox’ in 2008 (Vogue magazine) with celebrity clients such as Georgia May Jagger and Rachel Stevens, it is easy to see why Nosh is the number one brand to go to for guaranteed results and satisfaction.

If that wasn’t enough, Nosh is offering exclusive, discounted offers to us Hip and Healthies! Check out the 7 day yeast/sugar free food programme promotion here and get 3 day cleanse for just £99 and be sure to receive your 15% discount from the Vitamin Infusions (Drips) at an exclusive discount by using the promo code: hhinfusion15. This can be used via the website or over the phone: 0845 257 6674

So hurry Hip and Healthies! Make sure you feel fab as the festive season fast approaches. It’s real good Nosh!

words by Olivia Murphy