If you’re reading this, chances are you already love to workout and get your sweat on, but we could all use some time off from dominating the treadmill and throwing iron around from time to time. Don’t get us wrong, traditional methods of staying fit definitely have their place, but some days don’t you just want to throw some fun at your exercise schedule and switch things up?

Well, why not try your hand at something a little different this spring to get that heart pumping and discover muscles you never know you had, just in time for unleashing your amazing body in your favourite summer dress?! Here are 5 new ways to get fit for summer!


As the name suggests it’s yoga but in the air… the only difference is you’ve swapped your mat for a hammock! Throughout the class you are taught to navigate said hammock, which is, suspended about 2-3 feet off the ground by a secure attachment on the ceiling. The hammocks allow you to move freely and flow through the yoga postures and the gravity really helps lengthen the spine and create space within your muscles and joints. Working against gravity also means you also have to work harder to stabalise yourself… prepare for the abs to shake a little more!

It’s also a great mental exercise too… focus is key when moving your body from pose to pose upside-down! Speaking of that, we’d advise against a heavy meal before this class!

The end of the class is always so rewarding…. You have time to cool down and calm your mind whilst being cocooned by your hammock. And yes, you do sometimes just get to swing whilst laying on your tummy, so you can pretend you are actually flying! That in itself is worth trying this fun class.

Gymbox at Victoria, Elephant & Castle, Farrington, Old Street.



Nina Ryner, founder of Chroma Yoga, has worked with specialists to create classes that bring together ancient healing practises and modern technology incorporating sound, smell, sight and of course yoga. Light plays a huge part in these classes. With the timetable consisting of The Red Class, The Blue Class, The Yellow Class, The Orange Class, The Pink Class and The Chromatic Class.

The idea being that each light has different benefits to your overall wellbeing. Red light reduces swelling, increases collagen, promotes sleep and balances hormones. Blue light reduces fatigue and boosts your mood. Yellow light helps mimic the sunrise causing one to feel optimistic and ready to face the day with confidence. The Pink. light along with selected essential oils, brings peace and calm, giving you space to bring mind and spirit together. All classes have their own unique sounds played throughout that are inspired by binaural and isochronic tones, meaning minds are allowed to be calm and focused. This truly is an experience for the whole body to re-energise and re-centre.

ChromaYoga, 25 Charlotte Rd, London, EC2A 3PD.



No this doesn’t mean jumping off the nearest office block onto a dumpster, trying not to break a bone! Parkour can now be done in a safe, purpose-built class environment with the luxury of mats (definitely need those!) and the guidance of experts to coach you through it.

Parkour builds overall body strength, agility and confidence and promotes fluidity of movement. Move your body in ways in which your never thought possible, have fun experimenting from getting from A to B jumping, swinging, climbing, rolling and balancing. It is just a playground for big kids! You’ll never view a stroll around the park the same way again!

Paramount Parkour, Kingston Gymnastic Centre, Milton Keynes, MK10 0BA.


If circus life made you curious but sawdust brought you out in hives, look no further than Aerial Circus Skill Classes. Learn how to master the hoop, silk and the trapeze and unleash your inner performer from Cirque du Soleil!

You will burn calories (maybe more from sheer terror from being suspended high in the air), your upper body strength will be tested to the limit, your agility will be improved as you practise how to gracefully move your body around a piece of fabric and your whole body with become more flexible from spine to hamstrings. These classes will make you lean and with the added bonus of impressing your friends with all of the tricks you will be able to do with a just a simple hoop. It’s a great chance to learn an amazing new skill whilst getting fit!

My Aerial Home, Bell Green Retail Park, London, SE26 4PR.

Flying Fantastic, Centres in London – Wimbledon, Union Street, Battersea and Old Street.


This has to be one of the best upper body workouts, out there. Challenging your cardio, co-ordination and muscular endurance, expect toned shoulders and not a bingo wing in sight! Don’t think that your lower body doesn’t get a work out too… they’ll be supporting you as you map out your next move! Rock climbing is also great for boosting brain function, with problem solving playing a big part on your journey to the top! It has been said that a one-hour climbing session could burn as much as 700 calories! If you don’t fancy bracing the elements there are indoor centres nationwide that supply all equipment and great instructors to help encourage you!

Castle Climbing Centre, Green Lanes, London.

So if you’re feeling inspired to try something new and fancy adding variety to your workouts, the first-of-its-kind every activity platform MoveGB offers unlimited access to multi-club gyms, boutique studios, independent trainers and more. Under one flexible monthly membership, you have unlimited access to Chroma, Aerial Yoga, Parkour, Climbing and so much more. To give you the heads up, MoveGB is currently offering 3 free activities on the website.