Your heart breaks a little when you see someone on “your” spin bike or on “your” bench and you start to wonder why it isn’t possible to make a reservation for favourite machines.


You know the exact dates of when the staff is on holiday, when their birthdays are, and what their mother’s names are because they are basically your second family.


You haven’t purchased new soap or shampoo in a few months because you just shower at the gym. Every. Single. Day.


Other members have asked you if you work there… More than once.


Your friends know your gym schedule by heart and plan around it because they know you’d never cancel a gym date.


Speaking of the gym and dates. You have about 4 or 5 gym crushes that you feel are probably “the one” and when you picture your future together, you see someone you can break a sweat with and grab a protein smoothie afterwards. #couplesgoals


You get serious anxiety if you skip a day…Life cannot continue like this!


You get frustrated when people leave their weights everywhere. You wouldn’t come into someone’s home and just leave your stuff strewn about, would you?! Would you!?


You have two pairs of high heels that you never wear, but 12,764 pairs of trainers you match according to your leggings and crops.


You were utterly grateful when “athleisure” became part of the sartorial vocabulary and you feel like you’re one of the pioneers of the trend. After all, you wore leggings to brunch before it was cool. Speaking of leggings… why not give in to your athleisure addiction and take a peek at some of the awesome brands we stock here!

words by fellow gym bunny, Nadia Liu