The world of wellness welcomes a wave of innovations this February, promising rejuvenation and vitality in the form of treatment, supplements and fitness! Dive into the latest trends shaping your well-being, from artificial-free electrolytes delivering pure hydration to the opening of a Reformer studio redefining low-impact training. Lace up your skates for a nostalgic journey at the new roller rink and stay on top of your health game with the unveiling of an innovative glucose-tracking biowearable…there’s much to discover this month!

The Biohacking Longevity Clinic

HUM2N is the longevity clinic in Chelsea to seek modernised healthcare, bringing cutting-edge technology to the forefront. Spanning the fields of health, performance, nutrition, skin, and aesthetics, HUM2N is rooted in human experience and takes biohacking to the next level with highly personalised therapies and treatments that ultimately unlock living optimally for longer. Whether you seek to enhance performance through regenerative and integrative therapies or desire expert treatments for aesthetic improvements, from anti-ageing to addressing hair loss, HUM2N, HUM2N specialises in all categories led by the top experts in their fields. Investing in your well-being comes in no better formula than the HUM2N Foundational Testing, a fully comprehensive journey, that examines cellular composition offering actionable recommendations for transformative, state-changing results.

The Mission-Driven Middle Eastern Restaurant

A breath of fresh air in the hospitality scene, Sohaila is a mission-driven restaurant located in Shoreditch, boasting an inspirational narrative that goes beyond its Lebanese-inspired cuisine. Social impact is at the core of this establishment, intimately tied to Fat Macy’s, a social enterprise dedicated to paving a path from hostel living to a permanent home for individuals in temporary accommodation in London. Taking a proactive stance against homelessness, Sohaila runs a 200-hour work experience program, providing trainees with valuable culinary and hospitality skills. Sohaila distinguishes itself not only for its admirable social initiative but also for its Middle Eastern culinary offering. Blending the humble recipes of co-founder Nathalie Moukarzel’s grandmother with Chef Doug Rolle’s produce-centric approach, the ever-evolving menu is brimming with herby aromatics and spices that invigorate each dish. Designed for sharing, the diverse plates contribute unique elements to the table, from the crisp freshness of the winter fattoush salad to the delightful sweet-salty sensation of grilled halloumi paired with sticky roast beetroot, walnut, and mint. Including plant-based options in the mix, Sohaila strikes the balance between health-conscious and hearty, paying homage to Levantine cuisine in its truest form. While the commendable initiative alone is compelling enough to prompt a reservation, the enticing food ensures that you’ll return for more!

The Artificial-Free Electrolytes

If you’re serious about you’re fitness, electrolytes should definitely be on your radar! Essentially, electrolytes play a crucial role in hydration, replenishing up to four times more effectively than water alone. However, many electrolyte products available on supermarket shelves are packed with sugar and necessary additives. Humantra has emerged as the go-to brand for those seeking an artificial-free formula that won’t disrupt gut microbes. The refreshing taste is derived from a plant extract, providing a light fruit flavour without any synthetic aftertaste. With all six essential electrolytes, supplemented by additional minerals and antioxidants, incorporating a sachet into your daily water intake ensures optimal hydration, an essential factor for individuals leading active lifestyles. Relieving you of brain fog, energy slumps, headaches and inflammation, Humantra has crafted a top-tier hydration formula that stands out in the wellness sector.

The Laser Skin Clinic

The LA-born skin clinic, Skin Laundry has expanded its footprint to the UK, establishing three locations in Soho, Chelsea, and Hampstead. At the heart of their expertise lies the transformative power of safe and effective laser facials, a groundbreaking concept that unfolds its magic in a mere 15 minutes. By bringing lasers into an inviting environment, Skin Laundry redefines the perception of medical-grade treatments, drawing inspiration from Californian design to create a space that is far from clinical. Experience the rejuvenation of your skin cells, enhanced collagen production, and improved clarity, all within a brief session that entails no downtime post-treatment. Skin Laundry offers a concise yet impactful treatment menu featuring the Signature Laser, the Thermo Fractional facial, the Ultra Duo facial, and the upcoming Hydra Facial. What they excel at is not just a promise but a guarantee of incredible results, earning compliments for your radiant skin!

The Reformer Fusion Studio

Reformcore is the latest Reformer Pilates studio to open on King’s Road, Chelsea, standing as the flagship with four studios set to open across London. Spearheaded by the experienced team behind Barrecore, Triyoga, Kobox, and Boomcycle, Reformcore, Reformcore follows the principles of Reformer with a dynamic element that adds to the burn. You’ll notice distinct techniques emulated from Barrecore in the sessions to create Reformcore’s signature style of teaching, placing a strong emphasis on core development. The low-impact fusion features repetitive movements followed by isometric holds to fatigue the muscles, targeting full-body toning which is kinder to joints and still stipulates muscular endurance and strength. Promising an endorphin buzz enveloped with an air of holistic mindfulness, the classes will leave your muscles quivering bringing the best of barre and reformer into the 50-minute classes.

The Nostalgic Roller Rink

We’ve spotted a new fitness trend emerging and if you once owned a pair of rollerblades, you’re going to be a fan of this! Rollerblading is building momentum with rinks popping up across London. Rollerscape in Wembley Park is the new cool roller rink experience, inspired by the 70’s disco scene. On Tuesday evenings, Rollerfit classes are held on the rink, offering a playful twist to your everyday workout routine! These sessions, open to all, are guided by skilled instructors who are there to help you either master the art of skating or reignite those childhood skills. 

The New Glucose-Tracking Biowearable

Blood sugar levels have been a hot topic in the scope of wellness, and the focus is on personalised health data to enable us to bio-hack like never before. Abbott introduces Lingo, a revolutionary biowearable set to transform health and well-being using an innovative device that tracks real-time glucose spikes and dips. Offering personalised insights and coaching Lingo helps users understand their body’s glucose levels, to cultivate healthier habits fostering metabolic retraining. Lingo’s biosensor, applied to the upper arm, sends real-time data to the app to provide actionable guidance during glucose spikes or dips. Utilising the latest AI, Lingo can delve into all aspects of your health to recommend guidance for your diet, exercise and sleep patterns to align with maintaining stable blood sugar levels. Lingo’s concept is brought to life with key features including the Lingo Graph, a digestible way to navigate the data and Lingo Count, taking the guesswork out of tracking glucose with personalised guidance.

The All-Inclusive Fitness Destination

High Street Kensington welcomes a new pay-as-you-train fitness destination, housing multiple disciplines under one roof! Studio Fix sets itself in the boutique fitness scene, with luxury amenities and a plush lounge to relax post-class. Despite being the new kid on the block, the roster of classes catapult them into a top-tier fitness spot with a Lagree Megaformer studio and a partnership with Paola’s Body Barre. You’ll also find Yoga, Boxing, HIIT-style Conditioning and Strength-based Lift classes across the three studios. Expect to see familiar faces from the industry as Studio Fix prioritises top-notch instructors with extensive experience. What sets Studio FIX apart is its commitment to accessibility, ensuring a wheelchair-friendly location, and offering fully adaptable boxing classes for wheelchair users, making it one of the most inclusive workout spaces in town.

The Functional Supplement Designed For The Neurodivergent

Jrny is a brand built for those neurodivergent individuals who struggle to keep focused, but likewise, neurotypicals will gain the benefits too! The hero product, the Shruum, is an all-natural blend of mushroom extracts and natural medicines, formulated to improve symptoms of ADHD. The combination of Ashwagandha and Holy Basil which have been used in traditional medicine for centuries, with four powerful functional mushrooms;  Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Chaga, Maitake, is the magic formula for unlocking flow states, hyper-focus and creativity. Helping you conquer your day and quieten the noise, experience a calmer state of mind with laser-sharp focus all thanks to this concoction designed by the neurodiverse, for the neurodiverse.

words by Isabelle Shury