If you’re a Hip & Healthy reader, chances are exercise plays an important role in your day-to-day routine. We work out the muscles in our body regularly, yet the muscles in our face tend to get forgotten. Born out of her fascination for working the muscles in her face, Carme Farre created FaceToned, the natural facial pilates routine that tones the facial muscles to lift and rejuvenate your overall facial appearance. Ageing is a natural process that no one can avoid and although there is absolutely nothing wrong with a few wrinkles, there is an art to ‘growing old gracefully’. There are tons of beauty products and treatments on the market promising to reverse the signs of ageing which is simply an impossible task. It is going to happen regardless of how many creams you buy or facials you have! What FaceToned aims to do is tone the facial muscles,  which helps to reduce fine lines and loose skin. The concept focuses on the most common concerns; the neck, cheeks, eyes and forehead. Using special techniques, demonstrated by Carme herself, you’ll be shown how to work deep into the muscles surrounding your face, creating natural definition and a more taut and toned appearance. Be prepared, you may not look the most attractive you’ve ever looked during the session, you may find yourself giggling in the mirror at some of the obscure faces you will need to pull but it’s all part of the fun! FaceToned is all about embracing ageing whilst looking after your skin in the same way we exercise to maintain a healthy, functional body. FaceToned is a total game-changer in our eyes, we’re all for discovering natural ways of looking younger without invasive treatment!

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