Discover the benefits of applying vitamin C to your skin this year

We have all heard of the benefits of vitamin C when it comes to keeping colds at bay, but perhaps what is less known is the positive effect vitamin C also has on our skin. Not only does it work from the inside out (so keep on taking those super C supplements) but it also has fantastic results when applied topically. In fact, Pauline Hili, founder of Nourish Skin Range, has done research which reveal that vitamins applied topically to the skin have a much greater effect. Vitamin C is a great free-radical warrior helping to fight signs of ageing and protect against the environment. It also helps heal the damage already done (now you’re talking…) – it has been scientifically proven to reduce pigmentation (for all you sun worshippers out there) and encourages the fading of scars (for the spot squeezers amongst us) and stops inflammation in it’s tracks. Hili also says that vitamin C is also really important in collagen production. And with collagen being the core protein in skin, it would seem that this mighty vitamin plays a huge part in keeping our skin supple, young and all-round gorgeous.

See below for our Top 5 in Vitamin C Skincare: 

Ren Radiance Perfecting Serum, £35

Herbalife Radiant C Daily Booster Gel-Cream, £24.20

Nourish Protect Hydrating Moisturiser, £14.95

Aesop B Triple C Facial Balancing Gel, £77

Murad Essential-C Cleanser, £34