Where fitness club meets boutique studio, BXR has long been one of the hotspots for Londoners’ workout fix. Home to an acclaimed boxing ring and state-of-the-art gym, their very own Joe & The Juice, not to mention the various studios hosting an array of classes, BXR’s sleek space is the definition of luxe fitness. The much anticipated Versaclimber HR Performance and TRX Pilates are the two new additions to Sweat by BXR, which is the clubs train-as-you-go offering to guests. Both classes are renowned for incredible results, which we are sure will be a hit with both regulars and newcomers…basically, anybody who likes to get their sweat on!

Performance HR
Hosting one of the only Versaclimber studios in the UK, Performance HR is a level from Sweat by BXR’s signature Climb To The Beat class which also uses the Versaclimber. If you are not familiar, the Versaclimber is a unique machine that mimics the natural motion of climbing at 75-degree and allows for a full-body cardio workout, it’s a calorie-burner like no other. Unlike other cardio machines, the Versaclimber is both low-impact and full-body, minimising unnecessary stress or trauma to your body. Split into a series of long climbs and short sprint bursts, the energy in this class is through the roof! With everyone working in time to the beat, there is a real sense of collective momentum that keeps you uplifted throughout the 45-minute class. Your effort levels will be tracked through a heart rate monitor during the class which only you will be able to see, it’s a great little booster to keep your efforts up and also helps you keep tabs on your progress. Be prepared to sweat and burn some serious calories in this class, it’s not one for the faint of heart! Precaution: the post-workout endorphins are highly addictive!

TRX Pilates
Taking place in the strength and conditioning studio, TRX Pilates is the ideal class for building lean, sculpted muscles. The TRX is one of the most versatile pieces of fitness equipment, making this one of the most fun full-body workouts! Incorporating the fundamentals of Pilates with TRX based exercises, it gives an all-over burn like no other as you’ll be activating a number of muscle groups simultaneously. Integrating balance, strength, mobility and flexibility, don’t be fooled by the term ‘low impact’, this is a challenging workout that will leave you feeling instantly longer and leaner. From dynamic compound exercises to isolated intricate movements that target deep into the muscles, TRX Pilates will soon become your go-to conditioning class of choice!

Both classes are now available to book at Sweat by BXR Marylebone, with Performance HR also available at the Canary Wharf site.