Long have stories circulated regarding the power of apple cider vinegar. From kick-starting digestion to being used as part of a beauty routine (models love this skin-glowing ingredient!), apple cider could be a powerful and underestimated potion of wellbeing!


If you aren’t familiar with this fermented concoction, apple cider vinegar is made by fermenting apples, which creates an alcohol solution. Bacteria are then added to this solution which turns it into acetic acid. If you choose the organic, unfiltered vinegars then you will get the most out of it, as this ACV will still contain a number of proteins, enzymes, friendly bacteria and antioxidants.


Here are some of the benefits that you might enjoy…



Use as part of a beauty routine! Models and celebs go nuts for the beautifying benefits of apple cider vinegar and for good reason! Dilute with water and use as a toner to help combat spots and even out your skin’s PH, use as a post shampoo and condition treatment for extra shine, add a cup to your bath if you’re suffering from sunburn and EVEN give it to your boyfriend or hubby as a natural aftershave!


Digestion and Detoxification:

Useful in detoxing and flushing the liver as some studies suggest that ACV could bind to toxins and encourage their removal.

Acetic acid from the apples could be very potent, one study found that acetic acid for 12 weeks reduced weight, abdominal fat and triglycerides levels in the body.

Kick starting the digestion – the acid can help to stimulate the production of digestive juices in our stomach and help us digest much more easily. This benefit is particularly useful if you suffer from bloating after meals.



ACV has be shown to provide support for the lymphatic system by breaking down mucus and cleansing lymph nodes (important in removing bacteria and bugs from the body)

Apple cider vinegar is antibacterial and will therefore supports immune system, another way to help fight bugs and bacteria. This time of year is a great opportunity to start incorporating ACV in to your lifestyle due to all the office bugs floating around!


Overall Health:

Calming candida; there are a number of stories about how taking an apple cider vinegar tonic every day can help clear up candida. Although this isn’t backed up by scientific studies, it’s still a handy little tip worth trying to help combat the overgrowth.

As well as reducing blood sugar, some people swear ACV can help curb those un-wanted sugar cravings. Also, as ACV can help our bodies digest food more efficiently, that will mean we will be less likely to go picking after a meal.

It could help to lower cholesterol as the antioxidant chlorogenic acid, present in apple cider vinegar, stops LDLs being oxidised, which could help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease


Why not try an apple cider vinegar tonic every morning by mixing a table spoon of the good stuff with some warm water? Despite there being a lack of clear scientific evidence, apple cider vinegar has been used for centuries to help a number of ailments. It is vital that you follow a healthy, balanced diet alongside the use of apple cider vinegar, but maybe it is time to give this age old elixir a go?

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Words by Rachel Cruickshank