Over this week for our Water Challenge with Get More Vitamins Drinks, we’ve helped you get clued up on the importance of staying hydrated, what it can do for your skin and overall health AND how to easily and deliciously stay hydrated this summer! In this article, we want to take it one step further with highlighting the latest water trends that are making waves (waves… get it?!) and will provide a host of health benefits, from glowing skin, optimum gut health and more!


Charcoal Water
Is there anything charcoal hasn’t wiggled its way into? From lattes to sour dough bread, charcoal is definitely 2017’s trendiest ingredient! Charcoal has been used as a purifier in Japan since the 17th century so as well as making your water actually taste better, drinking activated charcoal-infused water can also benefit your health. Charcoal has been shown to be an effective way of removing substances like chlorine from our drinking water as well as other sediments that are often found lurking in tap water. We love black+bum activated charcoal sticks that you can add to your water bottle… they last for roughly 6 months and cost £4.50 per stick.


Rose Water
Rose in essential oil form has been utilised for its medicinal benefits for many years and is now a common ingredient in a number of beauty products dedicated to calming sensitive-prone skin. Think soothing facial sprays and decadent face creams! But did you know there are health benefits to ingesting rose-infused water? As well as hydrating the skin from the inside out, rose water can act as a stress reliever by calming anxiety and can even help sooth digestion issues like bloating and constipation. We love this delicious Rose, Lemon & Strawberry infused water by Wallflower Kitchen (image above)!


Birch Water
The key theme with regards to the health benefits of birch water seems to be its ability to aid in detoxification. Known to have natural (and very mild) diuretic properties, drinking birch water can support the liver in times of overload! A great natural hangover remedy springs to mind! It also can help eliminate toxins within the skin to reveal a smoother, toned, more plumped appearance as well as improving elasticity. Our go to brand for delicious birch water has to be Tapped. Check them out here!


Vitamin Water
Despise taking ginormous vitamin tablets every morning? Then look no further than Get More Vitamins Drinks. Get More Vitamins Drinks strive to help you get more of what your body needs so you stay strong, healthy and full of vitality without the use of artificial flavours and without added sugar. If you’re deficient in certain vitamins, your body can’t function at it’s optimum level, which is why Get More Vitamins Drinks is the perfect helping hand when life gets busy! Take a look at their offering here and find the perfect vitamin concoction to suit your body!


words by Molly Jennings

image: Wallflower Kitchen

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