Sadie shares the benefits of winter running during lockdown, why it’s good for the soul and her top 8 winter workout wardrobe essentials to help get you started.

When we first went into lockdown back in March, it was made that bit more bearable knowing that warmer weather was approaching making outdoors exercise easier. This winter, as we find ourselves amidst another lockdown, one of the first things everyone thought about at the time it was announced, was what a difference the wet and windy weather was going to make. 

I have been a runner for most of my adult life now, having fallen in love with it when I went to University. In the same breath though I must tell you that I am in no way a “good” runner. I plod along for as long as I can manage but ask me my personal best and I simply wouldn’t know, as for the distance, I rarely log it. For me running is all about how well I feel, not how well I do. I have said it time and time again but it is my mental health that most benefits from clocking up the miles. Especially since I have started working from home (we got rid of our Hip & Healthy HQ in October), running has helped focus my mind whilst I am at my desk and the fresh air and change of scenery helps me feel less anxious and stressed – I am sure of it. 

I am not a fair-weather runner either and the latest lockdown hasn’t put me off lacing up and getting out the door but I know for many, especially those who only recently discovered the joys of running, it has been an adjustment. So I wanted to share the absolute must-have winter running items that will have you heading for the park in no time. I also asked a pool of trusty runner friends for their recommendations too… so here it is.

Winter Running Essentials