Founders of Mauli Rituals, husband and wife team Anita and Bittu Kaushal enjoyed careers in creative consulting and skincare distribution respectively, until a life changing event led them on a pilgrimage to their motherland. It was here they re-discovered the healing power of India’s natural herbs and holistic traditions. They were so fascinated and inspired by the Vedic scriptures that Anita went onto study Ayurvedic health and nutrition and Bittu furthered his knowledge under the guidance of his father; an Ayurvedic doctor.  Together they created Ayurvedic beauty brand, Mauli Rituals and we got the chance to sit down with them both to understand the ins and outs of this luxurious, harmonious brand.


What does beauty mean to you?
Accepting and appreciating all people and things as they are and showing loving kindness for self and others. And Charlotte Rampling.


What is the philosophy behind Mauli Rituals?
The science of Ayurveda advocates that all things are connected and we are each made up of the elements. Mauli is a sacred red thread shared by family and friends to symbolise protection, connection and wellbeing. We create natural and organic products that give people the tools to feel their very best because that creates a ripple effect and a better world for all.


Bittu, you were in skincare distribution previously and Anita, creative consulting. Was there a specific moment in time that led you to leaving these careers to pursue the creation of your own brand?
We gave up our careers to look after daughter who was very sick. At the point of her passing, we vowed to raise £1m in her honour and using our knowledge and experience to do this seemed like the best way.


Mauli Rituals is inspired by Ayurveda. What is Ayurveda and what does it mean for your products?
Ayurveda quite simply translates to the science of life. There are five pillars to Ayurveda – yoga, meditation, breathing, nutrition and massage. Leading a life focused on preventing disease through being mindful of these factors and living in harmony with nature works.


What sets you aside from other organic body and skin care brands?
There are some excellent natural brands out there and it’s exciting to see the category growing. Perhaps what truly sets us apart is our unique DNA as people and as a brand and from that comes our intention.


What is the best way to use your products?
It’s a given our products work exceptionally well but to get the most out of them we recommend being fully present when using them and giving yourself the time to nourish skin and soul. That said we understand daily demands can take over so we also offer shorter rituals that delivery faster results, but without forsaking your wellbeing.


What have been the greatest challenges you have faced since launching your brand in 2014?
There are daily trials, such as keeping up with legislation, stock control; typical growing pains. Working with natural products has it’s own challenges but is also really interesting. It’s all good and we do our best to enjoy the journey.


You are husband and wife. How have you found working alongside one another?Anita and I feel blessed to work together but we keep a healthy distance, in that we work in different offices. When we arrive home, we give ourselves a few minutes to talk shop and then, that’s it. There is no one I would trust more than Anita and our aims and intentions are aligned and yet it’s great that we bring very different skills and ways of being to the brand. It also helps that I’m a joy to work with.


How do you destress after a busy day?
I’m not one to get stressed; it’s so futile. I love cycling, reading, am learning to play the tabla and, much to Anita’s despair, listening to Tom Waits.


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