We’re big lovers of the humble sweet potato here at Hip & Healthy. Not only is it packed with slow-releasing carbs, but it’s also a great source of vitamins, fibre & antioxidants that perform a little bit of magic inside our bodies – from supporting gut health to regulating blood pressure. 

Whether you’re into quick fixes that fuel you on the go or love lengthy sessions in the kitchen, Fullgreen’s Sweet Potato Vegi Rice is a versatile, low GI, gluten-free, vegan option that’s packed with the good stuff. Pop a pouch in your gym bag, add it to a salad at work or use it for a Sunday meal planning session. Heating up in just 2 minutes, it’s a quick, tasty and easy way to get a nutritional hit. A little bit of brilliance for those on a time-crunch.

We’re constantly experimenting with Sweet Potato in the Hip & Healthy kitchen so were super excited when Fullgreen asked us to join them in their mission to find (and judge!) three new innovative sweet potato dishes using their Sweet Potato Vegi Rice. 

The competition was fierce. Fitness, food and lifestyle Instagrammers submitted a plethora of sweet potato delights – from tortilla salad wraps and stuffed peppers to muffins, fudgy Ferrero muffins and paella. Is your mouth watering yet? If not, trust us it will be soon…

Here are our three winning dishes from Vicky at @cleanleanbakes, Nina at @tastethefitlife and Gem at @gemtakesfoodpics. Note them down, grab your Fullgreen Sweet Potato Vegi Rice (you’ll find it in the rice aisle at most major supermarkets) and get busy in the kitchen – your health and your taste buds will thank you for it.

Find all 3 recipes online here!


Sweet Potato Carrot Cake


We loved this fresh spin on carrot cake using Fullgreen’s Sweet Potato Vegi Rice. Developed by recipe creator and plant-based advocate @cleanleanbakes, it’s light and moist with a mixture of textures to delight the taste buds. We enjoyed the pockets of juicy fruit whilst the sweet potato gives an extra nutritious hit. Make these beauties up for snacks on the go.


Sun-dried Tomato, Kale & Feta Muffins


Gluten-free, nutrient-dense, protein-rich muffins – where do we sign up?! These colourful creations feature rolled oats, sun-dried tomatoes and creamy feta, with plenty of slow-releasing carbs from the Fullgreen Sweet Potato Vegi Rice. Developed by mum and busy city worker, Nina, we think they make a delectable treat for any time for the day. Whip them up on a Sunday for the week ahead


Kale & Sweet Potato Rice Salad


Natural, simple and bursting with flavour, this no-cook salad is packed with fibre and antioxidants to fuel your day. The salsa adds a zesty punch whilst the avocado and crème fraiche bring a smooth and creamy texture. One healthy party on a plate! Developed by food lover @gemtakesfoodpics, this salad is packed with vitamin-rich goodness from Kale, Kidney beans, tomatoes and of course the nutrient-dense Fullgreen Sweet Potato Vegi Rice. Add this recipe to your week for a serious mood boost


Pop Fullgreen Sweet Potato Vegi Rice in your trolley and get experimenting! You’ll find it at WaitroseMorrisonsSainsbury’s and ASDA.