Sadie Reid, Director and Founder of Hip & Healthy, shares her Health Habits as a mum of two little boys, from her new-found fitness love to her evening routine.


My guilty pleasure

“Chocolate in the evening. Typically in the form of an Ombar!”


My evening ritual

Feed baby. Give snack to 4 year old. Pop baby to bed. Negotiate 4-year-old’s bedtime for 20 mins. Eventually get him upstairs and read books. Then after both of the kids are in bed… (asleep!) I unwind with a good episode of some rubbish TV, chat to my husband and have a cup of rooibos tea and the aforementioned chocolate.


My de-stress tool

Running never fails to clear my head and press the reset button.


My non-negotiable health habit

I can’t eat dairy – I am completely intolerant to it and even a tiny bit will bloat me out like a puffer fish and make me as sick as a dog. So it’s a big no-no for me.


My desert island beauty product

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream.


My favourite workout right now

Barry’s Bootcamp! I thought I would hate it as I’m not great with being told what to do during a workout, but in actual fact, the combination of cardio and resistance training is just what my body needs. As for my mind, it’s incredibly refreshing because it requires me to tune in to the class rather than letting my brain run wild like it often does on my runs.