Madeleine Shaw is totally our gut health guru! With the launch of her Happy Gut Guide and her new podcast, we pinned her down for our series of “My Health Habits”!

My de-stress tool

“I love to go on long walks in nature or by the sea (Thames when I’m in London) it really clears my head and gives me a new perspective on what I am stressing about.”


My non-negotiable health habit

“Chewing my food. This is what stops me from being bloated all the time. If I just take a little longer eating, chewing and taking a moment between each bite, I feel much less bloated. IBS is something I have struggled with for so long that’s what made me create Happy Gut Guide my 12 week IBS program. I wanted others to live bloat free and be educated around IBS.”


My guilty pleasure

“Croissants… I mean how can you say no to one with jam 🙂 heaven!!”


My evening ritual

“I take my makeup off, apply my care, get in my PJs, hop in bed, read, chat. Pop my legs up the headboard of my bed and some belly breaths. I then scribble down my to-do list for the next day so it doesn’t keep me from falling asleep. Ill then hit the lights around 10pm.”


My desert island beauty product

“I love coconut oil! It’s so useful for hair, skin and cooking!”


My favourite workout right now

“Barrecore…I love it!”