Rathbone Boxing club has opened its doors in the heart of Fitzrovia offering Londoner’s a range of skill and technique-lead sessions that bridge the gap between authentic boxing training and the luxe London fitness scene. Picture the atmosphere of a spit-and-sawdust boxing gym in a boutique studio setting with every style punch bag you can think of and a full-on boxing ring for anybody who is up to entering the ring! Pro-boxing trainer, Adam Booth is the mastermind behind the club’s unique training programme which will put you through your paces, to say the least! From punching to footwork, head movement and defence, Rathbone Boxing Club will challenge both experienced boxers and boxing beginners with everything they need to hone their skills, all while building up a serious sweat. Adam Booth is an expert in his field, training the likes of David Haye, Andy Lee and Ryan Burnett who all went onto win World Champion titles! Adam’s bespoke programme includes Box! Box! Box! which is aimed at perfecting your boxing skills by revisiting the fundamentals of boxing. Cornerman, where you will face the punchbag, being fed instructions and tactics from your coach. Boxing Tactics, which is an intermediate level class using pad work and boxing strategies such as “stick & move”. Anatomy Of A Fight begins with the coach showing a clip of a big fight which you will attempt to reenact to gain tips from the best boxers in the world. Strength & Conditioning is a circuit based class focusing on power, agility, core, stamina and rhythm. Finally, Fighting Fit uses bag work drills and body weight exercises that will test your cardio skills to the max. The range of classes makes Rathbone Boxing Club approachable for anyone who is interested in boxing. Whether you are revisiting the sport or are completely brand new to it, Rathbone Boxing Club is the place to build on your skills and confidence helping both your physical and mental health through throwing some punches and relieving stress in the process.

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