Investing in yourself is like investing in a piece of jewellery… it has the potential of growing in value and when you feel its time to sell, you hope it will have increased its worth. We invest in things because we hope that one day in the future, it will benefit us in some way. This week, Hip & Healthy want you to take that mentally and invest in yourself. Invest in presenting yourself to the world and to people around you in a positive way. Take pride in your life and make every second count… after all, we only get one! Here’s our go-to positive mind-set checklist to do when you need a bit of a boost.

Discover your strengths and play to them – We believe we were all born with talents and skills, but there’s a trick. It’s up to us to discover them and use them to our advantage. This week try something new, say yes to something that you would have normally turned down. You never know what you might unveil. Or if you think you’ve found your strengths… make them count. Use them to promote yourself. Better yet, find an industry that will give you the platform to build them even further!

Let go of the past – It’s impossible to go back in time and change things. In the words of Lady Macbeth, “What’s done, is done”. We may have regrets in life but dwelling on them isn’t going to allow us to grow and fulfil our potential. Learn to accept the past and see your mistakes as valuable lessons.

Your body is your temple – Your wellbeing is in no one’s hands but yours. You are the decision maker and you control what you eat, how you move and how you feel. It’s so important that you treat your body with kindness and respect, rather than treating it like a rubbish bin. Your body can’t function when you don’t exercise and eat junk food…you’ll feel sluggish, grumpy and won’t be able to perform to the best of your abilities. This is an investment that will change your life.

Realise your importance – Realising your purpose in life can sometimes be a difficult journey, but understand that you are in fact very important, and no less important than anyone else. Self-confidence and self-belief are traits that we really want you to embrace this week. Even if you don’t think it now, tell your self every day that you are important and that you have so much to give in this world. Stand up tall, walk confidently and speak with conviction.

Dream –If you don’t have a dream, how are you going to have a dream come true? This is so true, what is there to aim for if you don’t dream or have a goal? Allow your mind to explore and imagine all the possibilities in life, it’s your chance to be creative and inventive. No dream is too big or too out of reach… after all, dreams are made one size too big so we can grow into them!