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Lose weight, remove cellulite and look younger by producing new collagen cells with daily amounts of natural food collagens.

This diet programme fills you with wonderful anti-oxidants to help remove and keep away cellulite.

A gut healing, collagen rich, toxin-mopping, fat-busting, skin smoothing virtuoso of a diet programme!

  • Protein Rich
  • Juice, Soup and balanced meal with two protein rich snacks
  • Suitable detox alongside exercise
  • Rapid but stable weight loss
  • Fuller for longer

Each day of the Body, Smooth & Tone Programme Includes:

Breakfast – Raw porridge with fresh fruit
Mid-morning – High antioxidant snack
Lunch – Protein-rich lunch
Mid-afternoon snack – Superfood smoothie
Dinner- Nourishing soup


Click here to buy or for more info: https://fby87050.isrefer.com/go/3daybst/hipandhealthy/