January can feel very cold but for me, it’s the perfect time for reflection and to make some positive changes for the year ahead. With a toddler in tow, I feel like I had every possible illness in 2023, so this is the year I am focusing on getting my health back so I can both look and feel my best. 


My skin is definitely showing signs of low immunity and as someone who is very lucky with their skin, this can always affect my confidence. I was excited to try a facial at Eudelo, who has created a unique range of dermatology-grade facials that use the latest techniques. Their facial starts with a complete facial assessment and analysis with a digital skin surface scan which is the perfect way to learn more about your skin and personal needs. My skin was showing signs of inflammation but the images also showcased the level of my pigmentation (which for my age isn’t bad but could be improved) but also how I needed to include more SPF into my routine which is one of my big New Year’s resolutions. The facial also incorporated a gentle peel, extractions, deep hydration and cryo which left my skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated and the perfect way to start the new year with my knowledge of how best to take care of my skin. Daily SPF is a must but it also left me wondering how improving my pigmentation could enhance my natural glow. 


Finding an SPF that can be incorporated seamlessly into my daily routine was something I struggled with. I have always shied away from SPF as I can be very allergy-prone to sun creams and often need to take antihistamines during the summer. I have spent far too many holidays at a local pharmacy with a swollen face as the result of a suncream allergy. Luckily my favourite brand de Mamiel has the perfect product for me. This incredible Skin Nectar SPF 30 is a daily moisturiser with added SPF and tint. It protects from damaging UV rays but also boots moisture and elasticity leaving your skin looking and feeling incredible.


To reap the benefits of supplements you actually need to take them regularly and this is something I have always struggled with. I hate taking pills and need a supplement I can look forward to taking which can easily become part of my every day. 

These are a few of my favourite supplements I hail daily.

Symprove – Gut health is key for everything. Suffering from inflammatory diseases and autoimmune, I find that a probiotic is one of the most important things to keep me feeling my very best and Symprove really is my go to. Easy to take first thing in the morning, tastes delicious but most importantly it really really works.

SISTERLY – This powder supplement is the best way to simply bring your body back to balance with the must-have nutrients the female body really needs. It replaces and supports at least seven daily supplements and supports everything from energy and metabolism to immunity, hormone balance, blood sugar. Not only does it taste delicious but it is honestly simply brilliant.

Pura Collagen – As we age our natural collagen depletes and I have definitely noticed this in my joints. I love Pura Collagen Flex as it heals and promotes cartilage regrowth to help make my joints feel stronger, more mobile and flexible. After using this for just 6 weeks I really noticed a difference in my daily discomfort which has helped me get back to the gym to enjoy my morning workouts again.

Two things I am changing for this year to further support my health

No more Oat Milk

There are many differing opinions on oat milk and whether it’s actually good for you or not but many nutritionists have shared concern over the frequent use of seed oils, additives and the glycemic impact it has on your blood sugar levels. I’ve long since used oat milk in my morning coffee but after learning more about the downsides oat milk might have, I decided to make a change to my morning coffee ritual. I love love love my morning coffee so I  needed to get excited about this change and decided to change to a double espresso which meant I needed to up my coffee game as a good espresso really does need to be made by far superior beans. Enter 80 Stone Coffee, a small, independent brand who work very hard to supply the highest quality roast coffee and their beans are incredible. They source the best beans from around the world which are then hand roasted to give them a truly unique flavour. My personal favourite has to be Heavy Bag and I honestly look forward to my morning espresso made by my little barrister ( my two old loves making it for me which makes the whole experience even cuter)

Ice Baths

I have been wanting to incorporate ice baths into my day for so long and I feel like this is the year. After speaking to Urban Ice Tribe I am excited to see the incredible benefits cold water therapy can have on my health. Not only does it help reduce two key focuses for me; inflammation and immunity but it can also help improve your sleep, boost your metabolism, as well as have a positive impact on your menstrual cycles and mental health. I am so excited to try this and report back with my experience.

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