Have you ever considered the impact your monthly cycle is having on the planet? The average woman will go through 11,000 disposable period products during her lifetime and with each conventional pack of synthetic sanitary pads containing the same amount of plastic as 5 carrier bags, that’s a lot of plastic waste just from having a period! One company pushing for greater awareness and education surrounding the plastic used in period products is Natracare, the pioneers of plastic-free period products. 

After realising quite how synthetic and un-natural most conventional sanitary products were, Susie Hewson took it upon herself to set up Natracare as an ethical, sustainable and certified organic brand. Natracare not only provides women with pads, tampons and panty liners that are kind to the planet and delicate on intimate skin, they also campaign for better ingredient transparency. Natracare believes women should have all the facts so they can make an empowered choice when it comes to their periods and it’s their mission to continue innovating and pushing for change. 

Launched in 1989 with the world’s first certified organic tampon, Natracare has continued to take sanitary product innovation to the next level. 1995 marked the year of going completely plastic-free! Natracare became the first brand in the industry to remove plastic from all products and this year they went one step further and launched the UK’s first plastic-free, truly flushable wipe.

Their extensive product range, which is completely natural and perfume and plastic-free caters to every woman in all stages of life. From super-soft pads for leak-free sleeping, cardboard applicator or non-applicator tampons for any type of flow, to biodegradable intimate wipes for on-the-go freshness. Their range even includes maternity pads to support women through those vulnerable, (tender you could say!) post-partum moments. With 75% of gynaecologists believing that conventional period products are the cause of intimate irritation, we’re truly converted to switching to Natracare for a healthier, happier period and planet.

Your healthy and sustainable period checklist:

  • Go plastic-free – Period products are the 5th most common item found on European seashores. Natracare products are the 100% biodegradable and even compostable alternative to mainstream plastic-filled period products.
  • Organic products – By choosing Natracare’s certified organic and natural products you’re looking after your body, the environment, wildlife and the cotton farmers.
  • Natural is best – After years of researching the best raw materials, Natracare products are made with a few simple natural materials. Instead of plastic and super absorbent gels, cellulose wood pulp is used as a naturally effective absorbent core, helping to reduce skin irritation and plastic pollution.


Natracare Pads

Natracare Extra Long Period Pads | Great for protection at night

Natracare Applicator Tampons

Natracare Regular Applicator Tampons | Easy to use and perfect for exercise

Natracare Thong Pad

Natracare Tanga Panty Liners | Discreet with the same level of comfort

Find out more about going plastic-free and discover the whole range at www.natracare.com