When Glow Bar launched back in 2018, wellness enthusiasts flocked in their masses to find solutions to their wellbeing dilemmas, from poor sleep, stress and even boosting libido. Founder, Sasha Sabapathy, knew she needed to make changes when burnout came knocking at her door after years of stressful city life and that’s when the idea of a wellness hub came about with the intention of helping others prioritise their health. With the most dreamy treatment list designed to restore and heal the mind, body and soul, we spoke to Sasha about her own wellness journey and her non-negotiable health habits.

My journey into wellness
I’ve always been into natural healing due to my Malaysian heritage. Spices like turmeric and ginger were often consumed for their wellbeing benefits and we grew aloe vera in the garden for cuts and rashes. However, I think that I really got into wellness when I was in my mid-20s and living in New York City. I was burning the candle on both ends and developed burn out as a result. I ended up discovering adaptogenic herbs on my journey to healing myself in addition to discovering the benefits of limiting my gluten and dairy intake. Over time I started doing more yoga, working out more regularly and discovered infrared saunas which combined with my regular herbal concoctions and new diet changed my energy levels, mood and skin. Ever since then I’ve been a huge advocate for wellness while acknowledging that everyone’s journeys are different and what worked for me might not work for someone else. It’s such a personal journey and I think it really requires listening to your body and finding joy in the process!

My go-to morning brew
Nothing beats an iced matcha latte with hazelnut milk! 

My non-negotiable health habit
My daily herbs! Herbs such as Ashwagandha and Mucuna Pruriens help to keep me happy and balanced while medicinal mushrooms like Chaga help to keep my immune system strong. I truly believe in the power of healing herbs, and as a result they’re the foundation of my business!

My de-stress tool
45 minutes sweating out my stress in one of our infrared saunas is an instant stress buster! I leave feeling so much more relaxed and calm, and sleep like a baby that night! Pre COVID my alternative would have been a good sweat at SoulCycle, nothing beats dancing it out on a bike – I can’t wait to start going back to classes!

My inspiration for creating Glow Bar
I moved back to London from New York in 2016 and realised that so many of my friends were burnt out and needed to implement some healing wellness practices into their lives. I tried convincing them to start taking healing herbs but it was just such a strange concept to most of them so I decided to create a brand that made herbs and natural healing more fun, relatable and accessible to the modern woman. 

A recent wellness discovery
I recently started doing acupuncture regularly vs the odd one off appointment. Having regular sessions really helps the body heal for whatever reason you are doing it for. I’ve really found that my sleep and health has improved as a result, I’m a convert!!

My biggest wellness indulgence
Probably my peloton bike! It was a hefty investment but I don’t run and so needed a way to move my body during multiple lockdowns!

One thing that makes you feel positive at the moment
Sunshine and the weather starting to get warmer! I’m from the equator and so grew up with heat and sunshine all year round so the moment I get a wiff of summer my mood increases and I get quite optimistic!

My newest Instagram follow
I just started following @synmiarosine on Instagram. She’s a mum, a herbalist and a doula and her content is so beautiful, inspirational and informative.

My plans for Glow Bar’s future
We’ve got some new products and a bit of a packaging overhaul in the works at the moment which is really exciting! We haven’t really touched our visual identity in three years so a fresh take will help elevate our brand!

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