The benefits of exercise may seem like common sense. Of course, working out regularly helps you to stay in shape (whatever that shape may be), build muscle and tone up, but by taking yourself from couch potato to sweaty betty, you’ll see a whole lot more than just physical benefits. As we enter September with our Ibiza tans slowly fading, it’s time to refocus our minds on our fitness regime. Let’s be real, working out on holiday tends to take a back seat so September is often hailed the new January when it comes to prioritising our health and getting back on track.

To get you motivated to take charge of your fitness as we enter Autumn, we’ve teamed up with MINDBODY, the leading technology platform for the fitness and wellness industry, to bring you our Movement Revolution Challenge! For one week we want to challenge you to move your body in some way each day and inspire you to challenge yourself to new physical pursuits! Over the course of the next seven days, we will be sharing plenty of content to get you in the mood to sweat, from the mindful benefits of exercising to the best new fitness classes that, thanks to MINDBODY’s online booking system, you can book with the tap of your fingers. 

To kick things off, we’re sharing all the reasons to move more plus the body-loving benefits you’ll get in return!

When you exercise, clever little endorphins are released to put a smile on your face. Ok, so they do a lot more than that; but these feel-good brain chemicals will help you to beat negative feelings caused by anxiety and depression. Not only this, but a happier you will be the result of improved self-esteem and sleep patterns. If you struggle to sleep at night or suffer from insomnia and are searching for a natural cure, exercise is your answer.

An active person is more likely to lead a better lifestyle. A better lifestyle could be anything from a more productive and pro-active approach at work, a better ability to make daily life choices or a more optimistic outlook on situations or relationships. An active body = an active mind and a person who is able to live life to the fullest with a positive attitude will certainly be one of the happiest.

Regular exercise can also help to prevent many illnesses, particularly heart-related diseases. This may not seem important now, but when you’re still able to clock up those miles at the age of 70, you will be happy you made the effort to lead an active lifestyle!

Go for a power walk or a jog (make-up free) and when you get back, take a look at your skin. Do you see that healthy flush? Exercise is great for the skin as it gets the blood pumping rapidly around the body which not only gives you that glow but also helps to keep the skin nourished and energised. Circulation is so important for healthy skin (and a healthy body too) so by getting your heart rate pumping and your blood flowing, you’ll be increasing cell turnover to reveal that all-important glow.

Remember, a one-hour workout is approximately 4% of your day, so there is no excuse not to move your body… Stay tuned for more inspiring fitness content this week!