Movement is medicine! In a world where the demands of daily life can sometimes feel overwhelming, finding solace in the sanctuary of a mood-boosting workout becomes essential. Exercise is not only beneficial for our health and bodies but also has a profound impact on our mental well-being, holding the power to completely uplift our mood. We’ve listed ten endorphin-inducing workouts that go beyond the ordinary. From booty-shaking dance classes to ‘cosy cardio’ sessions, these mood-boosting workouts will make you sweat and smile in equal measure.


Sanctum is a Dutch fitness meets therapy concept that has charmed many through the euphoric experience. The 50-minute mindful movement practice is loosely choreographed into a sequence of dance moves and exercises. Curated playlists that take you through all the feels are blasted through noise-cancelling headphones to underpin the experience, synced with the movement to get you fully in the zone. Sanctum prides itself on creating a safe space to be your most authentic self. You’ll be hugging the people by the end of the session. Leave your ego at the door and prepare to free your body, this is something magically mood-boosting.

HOTM Cardio – Heartcore

‘Cosy Cardio’ has been coined on TikTok as the exercise regime that switches dark, strobe-lit studios pumped with air-conditioning and banging music, for a cosier, more serene setting that is inviting and fitting for the winter. Heartcore’s new HOTM Cardio class is bang on this trend, taking place in their light and airy infrared heated studio. ​​Combining a dynamic full-body workout, with intentional moments of low-impact cardio to condition your body and boost your metabolism, this class will leave you feeling stronger and more positive in mind and body.

Superfly – Gymbox

In this 45-minute bungee cord fitness class that defies gravity, you’ll unleash your inner airborne athlete. The moment you secure yourself into the harness, you become a zero-gravity force of nature, effortlessly jumping, floating and gliding through a workout that requires no pushing. Defying conventional fitness norms, Superfly will give you a sheer thrill!

Aerial Yoga – REPOSE

Suspended in silk hammocks, this 1-hour antigravity yoga class blends the serenity of yoga with the thrill of acrobatics, creating a dynamic fusion that simulates both mind and body. The weightless sensation allows you to create new shapes and enter the upside-down world! Put your trust in the expert instructors and the silks to venture into unfamiliar ways of moving, explore the limits of your flexibility and experience a deep release in the postures. At the end of the session, cocoon into the silk and enjoy the most freeing savasana you’ve ever encountered.

Rumble – 1Rebel

Endorphins are flying high in the mash-up of boxing and strength work. Powered by a wicked playlist and adrenaline, RUMBLE is the 45-minute workout that cleverly disguises cardio by making it enjoyable. You’ll switch between mastering the art of stance and form to unleash killer punching combos, with strength sets for the ultimate hybrid workout. Nothing raises your vibrations like giving your all to the punch bag… leaving behind any built-up tension or anger.

Twerk After Work – MGMT Fitness

Taught by qualified Twerk Instructor, Iesha Lucci, this 50-minute session will get you whining and perfecting your twerk technique. Challenge yourself with playful yet sweat-inducing sequences to ignite a sense of liberation and confidence. Soundtracked by tunes that get you in the mood to shake your booty, Twerk After Work will help you disconnect from the outside world in the most vivacious manner with an empowering affirmation mantra at the end of each class.

Rebounding – Frame

Releasing a flood of endorphins, this workout utilises a mini trampoline for a low-impact fusion of cardio and muscular endurance. With no strain on your joints, this fun-filled 45-minute session calls on your inner child as well as coordination and balance to master the routines, tailored to target your legs, core and upper body. Following suit in Frame’s signature joy-seeking style, Rebounding is one of the most lively classes in their roster of uplifting sessions.

Kundalini Yoga – Remedi London

Experience an ancient old spiritually awakening practice at Remedi London led by wellness guide and inner transformation expert, Jayne Ellis. Fundamentally, Kundalini pairs movement with breath. Sounds familiar right? Well, this is yoga in a whole new entity. The 90-minute spiritual journey balances the chakras, with twists and turns, sweat and stillness, vibrations and energy shifts. The practice is designed to unlock your Kundalini energy, located at the base of your spine, through a series of chanting, singing, breathing exercises and active poses. Boosting your mental and physical state, Kundalini intertwines mantras, kriyas, mudras and meditations to awaken our “Prana”, helping to deal with stress, depression and anxiety. 

Bondi Rise & Jump

Expect that desired Reformer Pilates burn married with the high intensity of a trampoline at Bondi Rise’s Jumpboard class. As you mount the reformer bed equipped with a specialised jumpboard, the class propels you into controlled leaps and pulsating movements. At its core, this 50-minute session combines the precision of Pilates with the heart-pounding nature of a cardio routine for a full-body workout. The rhythmic cadence of the jumpboard amplifies the Reformer’s transformative effects to offer a dynamic, energy-boosting class.

Rocket Yoga – BLOK

Defining the conventional boundaries of traditional yoga, Rocket Yoga puts a playful spin on your practice! Suitable for advanced yogis, this class can get pretty challenging, involving core arm balances, inversions, strength drills and backbends. Designed to build stamina, strength and flexibility, Rocket Yoga is fast-paced, challenging both body and mind. Rewarding and humbling in equal measure, this class pushes the boundaries of your practice with the help of expert yoga teachers to keep you safe at all times.

words by Isabelle Shury