I was recently speaking to a friend that needed to see a doctor to be prescribed her usual contraceptive pill – she spent an hour on hold waiting for the surgery staff to pick up the phone, and when they finally did was told that she couldn’t have an appointment for two weeks. She came away feeling really frustrated. That’s when I told her about the new Rightdose Online Doctor service I had discovered – which really helps patients put their health back in their own hands, whilst also cutting out long waiting times at the GP and arduous trips to the pharmacist. The Rightdose Online Doctor service provides private prescription treatments you need and delivers them directly to your door for maximum ease. 

This comes in especially handy if you feel embarrassed about your condition and too uncomfortable to discuss it face-to-face with your doctor (I know in my case that my doctor sees not just me but my entire family and although I know it’s all entirely confidential I can’t help but feel a bit awks every now and again!).

How does Online Doctor Work? It’s super quick and only takes 3 simple steps…

1. Firstly, complete a short online assessment about your health. Everyone is different, so just like an in-person appointment, it is important to give detailed and honest answers during the Online Doctor assessment to get the best treatment available. 

2. Next, their UK-based, private GPs will review your assessment and recommend the best treatment based on your answers

3. Rightdose then delivers your medication in discreet packaging, right to your door. Delivery is free on orders over £25 and next-day delivery options are available too.

Why It’s Totally Trust-Worthy…

Rightdose is a registered online Pharmacy that also has stores in the UK. 

Their expert team of UK-registered GPs and Pharmacists have many years of experience caring for patients.

Your medication will be prepared and dispensed from the Rightdose UK Pharmacy Hub. They are registered with the MHRA and GPhC, so you can be assured that you are getting genuine, safe, and effective medication and service.

Common conditions the Online Doctor Service can treat

Women’s Health


Period Delay

Cystitis (UTI)

Contraceptive Pill

Bacterial Vaginosis

Travel Health

Jet Lag


For a full breakdown of treatments visit rightdose.co.uk/online-doctor/ 

How long will it take to receive my prescription? 

Once you have completed the Rightdose Online Doctor process, their expert team of UK-based GPs will work to approve your selected treatments as soon as possible. You can view your order status within your account and any orders placed before 1pm can be delivered the next day. After 1pm would be two working days. 

There really is a whole range of people who will benefit hugely from this new service. Whether you’re a busy working mum who just doesn’t have the time to spend hours waiting in line at GPs, or if you feel uncomfortable going into doctor’s surgeries and pharmacies because of all the bugs that go round at this time of year, Online Doctor is there for you. 

For more information head to rightdose.co.uk