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Always Infinity Event: where women go to infinity and beyond

words by Sadie MacLeod


I have a confession to make: I’m really not one for forced fun, motivational speeches and awkward drama class situations where women are encouraged to share, hug and then bond! In fact I cringe at the thought. Which is why I nearly reversed my ass out of the room at the Always Infinity event. But, reader, bare with me as I feel another confession coming on: once we had done the hugging, sharing and pep talks I actually felt excited, goal driven and powerful! Yes folks… For once in my life I stayed, I bonded and I loved it. The initial hand holding was a bit much but once I let my guard down and saw that others were doing the same I couldn’t help but feel positive about the event ahead.

First up was a bra fitting session with Freya, where I found out I was a 28 double D – I had always bought A cup sizes before but turns out it’s just my back that’s small not my boobs. Hoorah!

Then we were ushered in to a room that had silk hammocks draped from the ceiling. This could only mean one thing – antigravity yoga! I couldn’t wait to get stuck in. I have wanted to try this for years.The thing about antigravity yoga is that not only can it be very supportive and assist some of the usual yoga practices that you’ve been finding hard to master but it is also a lot about letting go and trusting your body. The teacher demonstrated an inversion pose (that’s hanging upside down to you and me!) and then it was our turn. At first I was a bit fearful, what if I fall? What if the silk doesn’t hold me? What if I smack my head on the ground? But the teacher gently encouraged us all to have a go and to my complete surprise – I got the pose first time round. It’s amazing what your body can do if you let it!

Then on to a more tougher workout (which doesn’t sound tough at all – but it is – trust me) ballet barre and core conditioning. One word: agony! I am guilty of thinking that ballet probably is not much of a workout. But then I only have to think of a ballerinas gorgeous body and it soon dawns on me that this cannot be true. Ballet barre exercises focus on working the smaller muscles, and once you have spent 45 minutes doing this you’ll discover muscles you never even knew you had!

So with shaking legs and a much more positive vibe about me I left the class. And even better – I had been testing out an Always Infinity pad the whole time, and I am pleased to report that it felt great. Not once holding me back from having fun. The most exciting Always innovation to hit the market in over 20 yeas, this pad is set to revolutionise the way women see sanitary towels as it is the only pad tthat is made from a liquid foam which has the ability to absorb liquid (up to 10x its weight) in a much more effective way. Plus it moulds to your body – similar to memory foam – so you hardly even know it is there!

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