We couldn’t be more excited to share the winners of Hip & Healthy’s annual Wellness Awards! We’d like to think we’re experts in all things health and wellbeing and as you’ll know, we’re passionate about sharing the latest and greatest in this amazing industry.

Below are 2024’s Wellness Awards Winners, which we spent a long time deliberating over. While it was incredibly difficult to narrow the list down to the final winners, we feel the brands and products below are worthy of their titles and we hope you might discover some new brands that can help you on your way to feeling your best self this year.

Best Period Brand – Dame 

Dame is a pioneering period brand committed to revolutionizing menstrual care. With a focus on sustainability, Dame offers reusable products like the reusable tampon applicator, striving to reduce single-use waste. Their products prioritize user comfort and environmental consciousness, making them a leading choice for those seeking innovative and eco-friendly period solutions.

Best Sleep Product – Raise & Replenish

If you don’t want to faff around with a myriad of pills, Raise & Replenish’s latte powders offer a one-supplement regime that pack in all the goodness. Our particular favourite is Catch Some Zen which forms a chocolate bedtime latte containing cacao, Montmorency cherry, ashwagandha and magnesium. 

Best Pillow Mist – Healing Alternatives 

Healing Alternatives CBD Pillow Spray offers a soothing sleep solution infused with the calming properties of cannabidiol (CBD). Designed to enhance relaxation and promote restful sleep, this pillow spray combines natural ingredients with CBD, providing a gentle and aromatic experience for a tranquil night’s rest.

Best Probiotic Supplement – SEED

SEED’s DS-01 Daily Synbiotic is a science-backed, premium probiotic supplement designed for gut and whole-body health. Formulated with a diverse blend of strains, it aims to improve digestion, immune function, and overall well-being. SEED focuses on precision prebiotics and a proprietary delivery system, ensuring the survival and efficacy of the probiotic strains.

Best Liquid Supplement – Love Life Supplements

Love Life Supplements is a health and wellness brand dedicated to producing high-quality supplements. Committed to transparency and purity, their products are crafted with natural ingredients to support various health goals. With a focus on evidence-based formulations, Love Life Supplements aims to enhance overall well-being and vitality.

Best for Mental Health – Adaptogenic Apothecary 

Adaptogenic Apothecary is a wellness brand harnessing the power of adaptogens to promote balance and resilience in the body. Their products, rooted in herbal traditions, aim to combat stress and enhance overall well-being. By blending ancient wisdom with modern science, Adaptogenic Apothecary offers natural solutions for managing the demands of contemporary life.

Best Wellness Drink – Forage Botanicals

Forage Botanicals is a holistic wellness brand dedicated to herbal remedies. With a focus on natural and organic ingredients, Forage Botanicals crafts products that support holistic health. From teas to tinctures, their offerings embrace the healing properties of plants, promoting well-being and vitality through the power of botanicals. 

Best Natural Deodorant Dr Hauschka Rose Deodorant 

This is the perfect natural deodorant. We love that it is a roll-on but it is also completely aluminium-free. The rose scent smells incredible leaving you feeling fresh all day long. 

Best Sleep CandleRituals – The Ritual Of Jing Scented Candle 

This is the perfect candle to light and help you unwind before sleep. With a relaxing blend of Jujube and Lotus Flower you will immediately feel a sense of calm and ready for a good night’s sleep. 

neom organics wellbeing pod

Best Brand For Evening RitualsNeom Wellbeing Pod

The Iconic Wellbeing pod by Neom is the perfect way to relax and ease any tension after a long day. Turning the pod on will immediately set a tone for a moment of self-care so you can enjoy a little time for yourself.

Best Functional FragranceOthers

Red Skies scent is the perfect scent to improve focus and energise your mind but can also be used as a powerful tool to prime yourself for meditation and breathwork along with their app. By combining functional scent with functional sound you gain a deeper experience with amplified results and relaxation.

Best GummiesNutriburst Triple Immunity Gummies

Boosting your immune system feels as important as ever and there is no better way to do this than with a delicious gummy. This power packed supplement is anchored by three essential nutrients; Vitamin C, D3 and Zinc to help you feeling healthy and strong. 

Best At-Home Health TestGlycanage 

With three decades of rigorous scientific research, the at-home GlycanAge test measures your current health and gives you a biological age based on IgG glycans which reflect both genetics and lifestyle factors that can affect the way we age. It was super easy to do, totally painless and even easier to send in. Results came back quickly and I had a full debrief with one of their experts. The insights it gave me were incredible. I have started implementing all the changes that their experts have suggested and would love to do a follow up test in a few months to see how I fare.

Best Supplement BrandHeights 

Consisting of two brilliant supplements, Heights offers customers Vitals, a high-impact formula of 20 fundamental nutrients for the body and mind, and Biotic, a vegan probiotic formula proven to boost gut health. The reason we love Heights so much as a supplement brand is that it is ultimately rooted in science and has studies to back up the claims they make, plus the reviews from customers are brilliant – with nearly all 5-stars across the board. 

Best Immunity SupplementSisterly 

Placing quality at the forefront of its formulation, Sisterly has created a women-focused supplement that will support your immunity all year round. The Elevator was developed by Dr. Daniel Jones PhD BSc, an award winning scientist, who has a particular interest in female health and has developed a number of award winning nutritional formulations.


Best CBD SupplementMindful Extracts 

It is now widely known that CBD can have a great effect on calming the body and mind. Whether you are new to CBD or a seasoned user, Mindful Extracts have the perfect product for you. Their oils are easy to use and highly effective, plus we love their pretty pastel packaging as well.

Best Vegan supplementOskia 

We have long been a huge fan of the brand Oskia for all their skincare, and now also love them for their Vegan MSM Bio-Plus Supplement that supports skin from the inside out (and has the added benefit of supporting the immune system too). Clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by boosting collagen and elastin production, the supplement also acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory. 

Best 40+ Wellness ProductThe Better Menopause 

Considering most of the research over the past few years has pointed to good health starting in your gut, it is no surprise that a good menopause also begins there too. The Better Menopause have created an expert-led biotic supplement that is proven to support women’s hormones and help ease unwanted symptoms of the menopause. Genius.

Best for Kids HealthBetter You 

Not only do BetterYou offer amazing, high-quality vitamin sprays but they also have an array of kids’ Magnesium products too – from bath flakes to lotions. These have been transformative in helping my children deal with growing pains.

Best NewcomerRaise and Replenish 

This brand has burst onto the scene and got off to an outstanding start with stockists like Daylesford and Harvey Nichols and for good reason, not only their plant-based blends delicious but they’re packed full of goodness too and scored incredibly well on Zoe. I now can’t finish the day without my Catch Some Zen “Hot Chocolate”.

Best Protein PowderHERMOSA

I’ve taken the trialling and testing of protein powders seriously for this year’s Wellness Awards, getting creative in the kitchen with the various ways I can up my protein intake with a scoop of powder, from yoghurt-based cheesecakes to post-workout cookies and the taste that always comes out on top is HERMOSA. I opt for the vegan blend in chocolate for its exceptional flavour, the smooth consistency is great for the paired back water approach and lends itself well to protein-packed concoctions that branch outside of shakes. Rich in amino acids, HERMOSA steer clear of artificial sweeteners with an ingredient list you can trust.

Best Wellness DestinationAIRE Ancient Baths London

AIRE Ancient Baths is a mecca for relaxation and rejuvenation, it’s hard to believe it’s right in the heart of London, hidden in the basement of an 18th-century townhouse. The heavenly underground bath temple draws inspiration from the traditional thermal baths used by the ancient Romans and Greeks. Time warps inside the ragged walls of the spa, lit by candle to add to the ambience. Encouraged to leave your phone in the locker, this immersive experience is a mini detox for the mind, body and soul. The next best thing to a holiday, a self-care day spent at AIRE Ancient Baths allows you to fully disconnect and unwind.

Best Fitness StudioBarry’s

Pioneering the boutique fitness movement, Barry’s iconic workout has stood the test of time, with classes still packed with fitness buffs seeking that euphoric endorphin fix that can’t be replicated elsewhere. Once the lights go down and the music turns up, a sense of energy ignites in the Red Room, giving you a buzz even on the days you’re feeling depleted and that’s the magic of this group class. Spilt between the tread and the floor, this cardio-strength mash-up delivers stellar results for both mind and body! 

Best Dental Care BrandPolished London

On a mission to redefine the future of oral beauty, Polished London is one of the only brands on the market that reframe from using nasties such as parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate and triclosan swapping in ingredients which are safer, including natural oils, xylitol, hydroxyapatite, essential vitamins and minerals. Created with the help of the best UK dentists, the range of whitening products gives a brighter smile, naturally removing stains from the teeth.