A Ballerina Abroad: Day 10 & 11 of our Hip and Healthy Guide to LA

Day 10

6:40 am and I can hear my wake up call.. I did ask for it. After waking up typically no later than 7am for the last few days I felt I could have slept for hours. Trying to wake myself up I bounded out of bed, threw on my sports kit and hopped in the car to Brentwood. From 7:15-8:15 I did Bar Class at the Bar Method, this cleverly adapted exercise routine incorporating the ballet barre is brilliant for strengthening and elongating your muscles. Starting with weights we spent an hour focussing on lengthening the body – as a dancer being close to the bar is natural and I really enjoy this ballet infused workout. Celebrity clients such as Drew Barrymore and Zooey Deschanel are regulars and use this method of firming and defining muscle to maintain there famous physiques. An inspiring teacher, attractive studio, lots of positive energy and a serious workout. Finished and it’s only 8:15, what a great way to start the day.

I met with friends for an early breakfast at Le Pain, located right next to the Bar Method, where else would we go! Piping hot bowl of berry oatmeal a good catchup and back to the hotel to soak up some sun.


For lunch we went to the Farm Shop at the Brentwood Mart. This deli and restaurant serves delicious fresh food to have in or takeaway. We didn’t reserve a table (it was only lunch after all) so are bellies weren’t happy when we were told we had a 25 minute wait, but we sat it out and soon enough we had a table. The menu is quite sly as you almost never imagine your meal to be how it arrives. I ordered the Albacore tuna salad with aioli, black olive tapenade and a cabbage raisin and carrot slaw. This came as a delicious open faced sandwich on wholewheat bread with a side slaw. I also ordered a side dip which was delicious – the seedy crackers went down a treat too. This Farm-shop however rustic from the outside is very popular and serves great meals.

After lunch we whizzed up Wilshire to Rodeo Drive. One of the most famous streets in LA home to shops such as Ralph Lauren and Chanel. We walked up and down, went into many shops, but left empty handed. Going to Rodeo is more for the experience, than to actually invest in something as Beverly Hills is very expensive! Once satisfied we had teased ourselves enough in these gorgeous shops we headed back into Santa Monica.

My mum went back up into Beverly Hills to meet a friend and my friends bailed, so Dad and I had a date night! First we went to Cafe Gratitude, I ordered the ‘I am Fabulous’ raw vegan lasagne and a side of spicy kale chips. This place never ever fails, so good, an enjoyable meal and a buzzing atmosphere. I hit up the dessert bar to get an ‘I am bliss’ chocolate mousse cake, healthy? Oh yeah!

Then to the cinema to see Looper. The tomboy inside of me loved it. A fun evening, a delicious dinner and a great film.. Et voila!

Day 11

I over-slept this morning so I quickly shoved my trainers on, grabbed a handful of cashews and drove straight to Pilates. My final session before leaving for England, Lizzie (the instructor) pushed me hard, revisiting all the reps of arms and core we have done throughout the weeks. Going back home after trips to resolution therapy my muscles feel stronger longer and toned, putting me in the perfect place to continue with my ballet training.  I drove to Planet Raw in Santa Monica for breakfast. I had an icy berry bowl, with dehydrated raw granola, fresh fruit and kream (no that’s not a spelling mistake!) This was honestly too good to be true, every meal is tastier than the last from this gourmet raw restaurant, will have to visit once more before I leave. After a late breakfast we walked down to third street to do some last minute shopping. Third street is a must when visiting LA, all the best shops, amusing street performers and plenty of restaurants and cinemas- it’s the place to be.


At lunch time we drove up to Will Rogers State Park via Le Pain Quotidian to grab lunch to go. We walked all the way to the top of the Mountain to ‘Inspiration Point’ where you can see LA in all it’s glory: Palm trees, beaches, the city, mountains. We sat down on the bench and had a picnic, what an incredible place to eat lunch. No hikers around, Inspiration Point was all ours and we made the most of having it to ourselves. After catching some sun we headed back down the mountain and said goodbye to beautiful Will Rogers.

I went back to the hotel and sadly had to pack my suitcase, this took a while because as you know I have been doing quite a bit of shopping, oops! Hopefully it won’t be overweight…but who am I kidding it most definitely will.

For dinner I  drove down to the coast to Nobu in Malibu to meet friends. This restaurant used to be located in the Malibu Country Mart (great shops if you find yourself in the area) but has now newly opened right on the ocean, with swish new decor the place looks great. Packed full of people the restaurant is buzzing. We sat right next to the ocean, practically able to jump in, the view was mesmerising.
The food is outrageously good, I ordered the Black Miso Cod, such a good order so very yummy. We also ordered chicken teriyaki, lobster rolls and lots of sashimi for the table, all of which were delicious. It was such a lovely evening and lots of catching up with great food. After saying goodbye I drove back up the freeway to Santa Monica. Still fairly early and considering it was my last night in LA I decided a quick stop at the Real Food Daily wouldn’t do me any harm! I ordered a chocolate milkshake (made from their sugar free, dairy free ice cream and hemp milk) and a chocolate coconut square to share. The sweet gay guy at the till asked me if it was my time of the month with my extremely chocolatey order, but unfortunately I don’t have that excuse, I just really love my chocolate! What a great day. The perfect end  to a perfect trip.