Easter is a tempting time for all of us, and even the cleanest of eaters can find themselves wavering under the bombardment of delectable and sugary treats on offer at this time of year. There is no need to forgo the chocolate extravaganza this Easter, after all, optimum wellness is all about balance! But if you want to stay true to your healthy life and treat your body right whilst you reap the rewards of serotonin-boosting cocoa, we have all you need to indulge the healthy way this Easter!

Mimi Dark Chocolate Fresh Face Mask

You don’t need to be eating chocolate to be getting your fix and reaping that serotonin high – we say, slap some on your face for the ultimate in guilt-free Easter indulgence! The Mimi Dark Chocolate Fresh Face Mask is made from 100% natural clay ingredients along with ethically sourced, Ecuadorian organic raw cacao to detoxify, deliver an army of antioxidants to your skin, and fight signs of ageing to leave your face feeling fresh and silky smooth. This face mask kit comes with everything you need to concoct your own treatment at home, making for a fun and healthy way to spend Easter Sunday with the girls.

Doisy and Dam

Doisy and Dam superfood chocolate bars will satisfy even the most ardent chocoholics. These special, 74% organic cocoa bars come in big sizes so you can really indulge and get that classic, stuffed Easter feeling without any of the guilt! Doisy and Dam chocolate is a more wholesome treat for health-conscious chocolate fiends as it is crammed full with superfoods including goji berries, maca, spirulina and hemp seeds for a shot of health with your choc! To top it off, the bars are vegan, meaning everybody can indulge this Easter without the food-baby, button-popping, guilt-inducing treat hangover which traditionally follows! Wrapped beautifully in gold foil, the bars also make for a lovely little Easter gift to make any foodie happy this Easter.

Love Superfood Tea

Don’t fear, the superfood Easter Bunny is here with the answer to satisfying those sweet cravings the healthy way with Love Superfood Tea’s Guilt free Choc Tea. This brew is brimming with organic superfoods including raw cacao, peppermint, lucuma and rooibos to have you slurping your way to health and indulgence this Easter and beyond! ‘Good health, good vibes and good tea’ infused with a little cacao goodness, are all you need for a happy, healthy Easter and Love Superfood Tea has that all packaged up and ready for your mug! With a hint of mint, Guilt Free Choc Tea has your body detoxing whilst your mouth is fooled into thinking it’s naughtily munching on dinner party chocolates. Add a dash of Alt Milk nut milk for a dreamy, creamy cup of goodness. A tea and chocolate fusion? Winning formula.

Primal Joy Foods

Far from being stuck in the stone-age, Primal Joy Foods is totally on it when it comes to progressive recipes and creating nourishing, whole foods for the new wave of healthies. Get with the superfood set of 2015 and treat yourself to some of their un-processed indulgence this Easter! For something a little different from ubiquitous chocolate bars, get your hands on some Rich Chocolate Brownies. These ooey, gooey, dense and scrummy brownies are made from whole, pure, organic, Paleo-friendly ingredients. That’s right, despite tasting as though a cheeky cheat party is going down in your mouth, Primal Joy Foods’ Rich Chocolate Brownies are free from gluten, dairy, grains, soy and refined sugar so even the most sensitive of tummies and cleanest of eaters can have a happy Easter. Made from almond flour, eggs, coconut oil and cocao and sweetened with dates and honey, the brownies are available singularly or in boxes of 6. If you’re generous enough, offer a bite to a not-so-healthy friend – we promise they will not notice it’s good for them! Check out the other members of the Primal Joy Foods range for a fabulous selection of clean, delicious and guilt-free Paleo snacks. Whether you are Paleo or not, Primal Joy Foods’ Paleo Chocolate Brownies are a must-have edition to your Easter basket.

IQ Chocolate

Our friends at iQ have launched a limited edition superfood raw chocolate bar just in time for Easter, meaning you can get all the naughty-feeling, indulgence associated with Easter Sunday-eating without any of the guilt! iQ Chocolate’s bean-to-bar chocolate boasts over 20 proven health benefits to add nourishment to your Easter hunt. Sweetened with organic blossom sugar and, according to the brand, a lot of love, these treat-sized bars are the perfect alternative to sugar-laden eggs. Yes indeed, chocolate really can be good for you!

words: Rachel Bednarski