Nutritionist, Madeleine Shaw, shares her day on a plate for boosting immunity, her tips for being organised in the kitchen and why mushrooms are her secret ingredient for sneaking in that extra dose of vitamin D, something we should all be focusing on to boost immunity.


Mushroom Shakshuka

A lovely brunch packed full of vegetables and great for saving for friends coming over.



Asian Marinated Tofu Salad

This Asian Marinated Tofu, Brown Rice and Cashew Salad is the perfect base for whatever you love to eat. I chose tofu as my protein, but you can easily swap it out for any fish, meat or even a drained and roasted tin of chickpeas.



Mushroom, Feta & Tomato Tart

This tart couldn’t be simpler to make but always goes down such a treat and makes the best leftovers to take on a picnic or enjoy with loads of salad. I’ve used vitamin D enriched mushrooms to up the nutrients in this dish.


How do you fit in prepping and cooking nutritious meals in your busy lifestyle?
I try and do a Sunday prep cook up some rice, roast some vegetable snake some dressings ahead of the week. Then I tend to buy protein that cooks quickly. I like to make a plan at the beginning of the week of everything I need and plan out when ill shop and what we’re having, making sure each meal is balanced with a few portions of veg in each meal.

Many people have started cooking more since lockdown began, why do you think that is and do you think it will continue?
I hope so, I guess often we would eat out for dinner and grab a sandwich for lunch and that hasn’t been possible. I think people have been inspired by how much they have enjoyed cooking and also how much money they can save. 

What foods have you been eating more of during lockdown to keep your immunity strong?
I think it’s good to try and include vitamin d and c rich foods to support your immune system, vitamin c rich food includes red pepper, kiwi and leafy greens. The Vitamin d rich foods I recommend include mushrooms, salmon and eggs.

What are some of your favourite meals to cook with mushrooms?
I love making my mushroom shakshuka for brunch and pulled mushroom burger for a Saturday bbq. Midweek making mushroom egg muffins are great on the go breakfast or snacks. 

What are the benefits of shopping for locally sourced vegetables rather than imported?
It’s important for the planet, but also it makes the food more nutritious, the older the food the less the nutrients, it is also important to support our local economy. 

There are so many varieties of mushrooms available in the supermarket, what varieties do you recommend cooking with in terms of taste, cooking texture and cooking time?
I like using shirataki for Asian dishes and button for more classic dishes, portobellos are a little bigger so take longer. I think it’s about experimenting, trying different ones out but also pick vitamin d enriched mushrooms.

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