How do you balance/sustain working in the hectic PR world with healthy living?
I incorporate exercise as part of my routine. Working out for me is a necessity like brushing my teeth. Eating healthily is a lifestyle choice that comes naturally to me and after exploring different nutritional recipes my new diet became part of my daily routine.

I try to go to the gym in the morning before going to the office so I won’t miss a session if I need to stay late. Doing exercise in the morning prepares my mind, body and soul for the hectic day ahead.

I also use the weekends to do most of my exercising. On Saturdays for example I do cardio, weights and yoga. Discipline is key, but when it all fails I try to keep active and instead of getting the bus back from work I walk or cycle.


Do you have a favourite way to exercise?
In the ideal world circuit training on the beach! In the grey reality of London I enjoy working out with my PT Joshua Clark who pushes my body to the limit and has absolutely no mercy! I balance the hard work with yoga classes that are essential to keep my body and mind relaxed and restored. I love the Hot Yoga classes at Triyoga with Julie Montagu.


What advice would you give to those who lose motivation to achieve a healthy lifestyle?
Have an achievable goal rather than something that is unsustainable. The important thing is to START, once you start feeling good and you start to see the results nothing will stop you. Progressively change your lifestyle and enjoy discovering new ingredients and find a fun way to exercise to suit you. However you still need to be able to treat yourself and reward yourself for all the good work you have achieved. I also think having an inspiration can boost your motivation, I use social media to learn new recipes and strengthen my willpower (I love a good #quote)


You’ve been shortlisted to the last 5 of the Women’s Health ‘Body’ Campaign; why do you think it’s an important campaign?
Putting a normal girl on the cover of a magazine shows that you don’t need to be a super model or a Hollywood star to be confident in you own skin. The other inspiring aspect of the campaign is that it shows how fitness can not only change your body but also empower you to achieve great things.


If you could change one thing about people’s attitudes to healthy living, what would it be?
I feel that people associate healthy living with a boring lifestyle, one that is surrounded by monotony, regime and removing guilty pleasures from your life. Since I’ve entered into this new lifestyle I’ve experienced the exact opposite. I’m now happier and more fulfilled than ever before!


Was there a moment when you truly realised that you needed to live healthily or have you always had healthy habits?
I’ve always had healthy habits and loved exercising, but just before I turned 30 I decided to dedicate more time and thought to my fitness life. How you look in your 20’s is partly down to your genetics but how you look after your 30’s is down to you! The more I realised that you can lead a nutritional and healthy lifestyle around a busy and successful career, the more passionate I became about this way of living.


You’re from Brazil, famous for it’s football, beaches and bums. Tell us about life over there and people’s attitudes to wellness.
I wonder if thats the correct order of importance! These are definitely 3 national passions. Vanity is not considered a negative trait in Brazil, so looking after yourself and being proud of your body is a part of who we are. The gyms are always busy, in Rio de Janeiro you see people from all ages exercising on the beach, and it is really easy to find fresh, organic food and best of all it is not pricey. Social status doesn’t matter, a Brazilian women will always want to look naturally sexy. On average they spend 11 times more on beauty products than European women!


What are the three, foods that are always in your kitchen?
Coconut oil, avocado, eggs, nuts, green tea and my Sunwarrior, vegan chocolate protein (sorry these are my six a day, three is not enough!)


Do you have any beauty handbag essentials that you couldn’t live without?
My Brazilian Strawberry Nivea lip balm (it is a real shame they don’t sell this one in the UK), something to keep my hair together and a bottle of water.


If you had to go away on holiday tomorrow, where would you go?
Home – I miss my friends and family, the Brazilian weather, the Brazilian food and the Brazilian warmth…


If you became the Women’s Health ‘Body’, how would you use your new, inspirational role?
I would love to help people see that keeping active, eating healthily and looking after your body can be fun and easy. I would love to help people embrace exercise and learn how to chose the food that is good for them. I would also hope that by sharing my passion for working out and nourishing my body, I would motivate people to have a healthy and happy life!


What are you favourite picks from the H&H store?
The obvious choice: Brazilian brand Track & Field of course! I love it all!


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