If you only do one thing this week…

Eat Like a Tennis Pro

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Go Gluten Free Like Novak Djokovic
This number one tennis star found that his wheat-intolerance was actually impacting his breathing. Some say that his tennis career was transformed when he went gluten and wheat-free. Not only did his breathing dramatically improve (important when you spend your life darting around a tennis court), but his energy levels and fitness started to show signs of getting much better. Dr. Igor Cetojevic, who worked with Djokovic for a year up until his Wimbledon triumph in 2011 said in an interview with CNN “I knew from my experience that asthma was not the boy’s problem but rather it was reflecting a symptom of something that was going on with his digestion, it was his sensitivity to gluten that was compromising his lungs.”

Eat Vegan & More Raw like Serena Williams
In support of her sister Venus, who adopted a vegan diet after she was diagnosed with an immune disorder known as Sjogren’s syndrome, Serena has cut back on chicken and fish and upped the raw food in her diet. What have the effects been? Well, it seems that this new way of eating has helped Serena slim down and speed up.

Have a Fueling Breakfast like Maria Sharapova
Sharapova puts her energy on the court down to a fantastic breakfast and good hydration. So what does she eat the morning of a big match? Apparently an egg white omelet, some oatmeal, and berries are the order of the day. And if she fancies an extra boost she will slurp back a super-food packed smoothie too.

Cut out Alcohol, Sugar and Processed foods like Andy Murray
When Andy followed in Novak’s footsteps and went gluten-free he actually found he lost a lot of weight and strength. So he switched his diet to protein centric meal times and cut out all refined sugar, alcohol and processed foods, instead opting for lots of fresh sushi, pasta and chicken before games, and protein shakes whilst training. Interestingly he also does Bikram Yoga to build up his strength and stamina.

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