Whether we’re exercising or not, leggings, a sports bra and a tank top are what we find ourselves wearing most of the time because… a. it’s comfy, b. it’s effortless and c. it makes us feel amazing! New on our workout wardrobe radar is CONTUR, the eco-luxe activewear brand designed to flaunt the way women look, feel and perform.

Brands with eco-intuitive always catch our attention and we love to see the innovative processes brands adopt to manufacture the products we love. Setting the bar high with their low carbon footprint, CONTUR uses ECONYL, which is a blend of repurposed nylons including ocean plastics and recycled cotton, turning waste problems into fashion solutions.

Designed to enhance performance, CONTUR’s range of shape-enhancing activewear includes sports crops, vests and leggings. With sleek, bold designs these pieces will make a statement in your wardrobe and give you all the positive energy when wearing them. We especially love the touch of metallic tones seen throughout the collection…who doesn’t want a touch of sparkle added to their workout! The durable fabrics give unparalleled muscular compression, shape retention, abrasion resistance and breathability.

Whether you lifter, runner, spinner, boxer, hot yoga-er, mountain climber (you name it), CONTUR is perfect for any workout and will give you the support you need to kick some ass! Founder, Claire Turpin, established CONTUR with the intention of empowering all women, whatever their body type. We all have our ‘off days’, where we don’t feel our best and that is where CONTUR swoops in…stick on your activewear and you are bound to feel great! Celebrating individuality, CONTUR is all about lifting women up and giving them the confidence they need to flaunt their fabulous bodies.

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